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Jazz Keyboardist - Robert

Jazz Keyboardist - Robert
    Smooth Jazz at its best!

    Jazz Keyboardist - Robert

    Robert Carr was born in Chicago, IL and was raised in Buffalo, New York.  At the young age of seven Robert began private classical music lessons. His musical influences were Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Ramsey Lewis and many more. After High School, Robert joined the United States Armed Forces. While working as a Communication Specialist he began creating and writing music.

    During his military career he performed in various R & B and Jazz bands that he both organized and led as well. In 1984 Robert was chosen to perform throughout the USO Tour in Germany with various diverse musical venues and bands.  He performed with Lou Rawls, Barry White Ashford & Simpson and Al Jarreau.  When his Armed Forces career came to a close and after extensive research Robert made a professional decision to open his own Production and Recording Studio, Carr Productions.

    Due to the diverse community and love for the arts he saw a need to locate to Columbus Georgia. A surprise too many, but the correct decision. Working with artists from all over the world from Ft Benning location. While running his company he never stopped his own musical endeavors. 

    His love and passion continues to revolve around Smooth, Contemporary and Traditional Jazz.  There is no event to large or small to attract a crowd.  His vision is always to keep the patrons engaged and feeling all of those wonderful emotions that beautiful music can bring. He effortlessly commands a strong stage presence and his humble demeanor continually shines through. Robert always dazzles the audience with his superb musicianship.  He has 2 PA/Sound systems, one for large gatherings for hundreds of people, to the smallest intimate gatherings complete with cordless or lavaliere microphone.  

    A true crowd pleaser. Robert's smooth and classy style of performance is by far the favorite amongst the Corporate, Hotel and Private venues.  His creative musical talents will forever radiate with each and every performance.  He is truly a One-Man Musical phenomenon.  

    Contemporary Smooth Jazz


     Chameleon Bb Min                                                      Good Morning Heartache  EbMin                     Cold Duck Time II Fmin                                                            

     Tastefully gracefully Amin                                         Reggae Man   Emin                                                      Catch Me if U Can FMin RX

     What's going on E maj                                                Alley Katt Cmin                                                            ( A Nice Christmas Mix)   Examples   

    This one is for me and U  DMin                              A Hop, Skip & and a Jump  Amin                               Silent Night

    Lets stay together Fmaj 2                                         That’s Datt  CMin                                                         Drummer Boy

    Peanut butter parfait Amin                                        A Hips man’s Journey                                                   The first  Noel

    Summertime2 (Smooth Jazz) Gmin                       After Hours                                                                   White swing Christmas

    Thats the way love goes Gmin                                   Careless Whisper                                                           Christmas Song

    One more time Dmin                                                   Caribbean Girl                                                                 Jingle Bells  ECT….

    Aint no sunshine2 Amin                                              Friends & Strangers

    Thats the way of the world C#MIN                           Hero GMin

     Saras smile Dmin(long)                                                Just the Two of Us FMin

    Winelight Cmin                                                              Maputo GMin

    Funky noction Amin(Long)                                          Moonstruck AMin

    101 Eastbound Ebmin(Long)                                    On the Money EbMin


    Mr. Magic Cmin                                                            Shoot Yeah GMin

    Aint it fumky now Amin                                          Sitin on the Dock of the bay Cmin

    Aint nobody3. Eb                                                      Street Life

    Rise  Fmin                                                                   Summertime (Jazz Version) CMin

    Sway with me                                                             Sweet Love BbMin

    Jus Chillin Amin                                                         Take 5 EbMin

    Tune 88 IV Gmin                                                       The cool in you GbMin

    Sweetest Taboo Bb min                                           Using Me

    Yearning for your love                                              Warm & Funky Amin

    Sweet Sticky Thing                                                     Tip-Toe Through The Nite                                            

    What you Wont Do For Love                                   Love Calls

     Stogie Smoke Amin                                                   My Funny Valentine C#Min

    Crazy Cmin                                                                   Same Ole Love Eb min

    Georgia On My Mind  Fmin                                      Isnt She lLvely, CMin                 

    Kisses in the rain FMin RX                                          Number one Cmin RX                       

    The Bb Swing                                                                Golden EbMin                                                    Cherish the Nite CMin