Amazing Artists Who Deliver On Stage

From All Time Favorites To Today’s Popular Artists, We Represent THE BEST IN ATLANTA!

Acoustic Duo – Farrel + Doug

Farrel & Doug have been playing cover music for restaurants and events around Atlanta for 4 years together.
We play top 40ish songs from 60s-now but we stay upbeat and mostly soulful and funky music but we have songs from every genre and we have 5+ hours of music so we can pick and choose that way we fit in with any crowd!


“The Riot” is an Atlanta area, high-energy, Acoustic OR Electric, duo/trio/or full band. We do party, dance, funk, rock, pop, hiphop, and country. We focus on keeping people dancing and rocking out.

Pianist – Robert

Robert always dazzles the audience with his superb musicianship. A true crowd pleaser. His smooth and classy style of performance is by far the favorite
amongst the Corporate, Hotel and Private venues as well.

The Classics

The Classics are a 7 piece, high energy and versatile show band that perform hits from the 50’s & 60’s along with dance floor favorites from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today.


With a ranging mastery of genres and diverse setlist, we’re not only capable of nailing songs like they’re played on the album, but able to seamlessly mix-and-match songs in fluid jams.

Rupert’s Orchestra

Rupert’s Orchestra’s unique sound and performance versatility make them a perfect choice for events such as corporate functions, conventions, special events, private parties, weddings and more.