Meet The Band

Logan fronts with a bold voice, raging rhythm guitar, and masterful presence. Having carried his own original act for years, this guy knows how to bring the magic.

Justin drives home soaring leads and hits harmonies harder than Holyfield in his prime. With a background in musical production, he knows how to match the sound to the moment.

Mark is a master timekeeper who’s infectious rhythms rock the house, keeping the crowd moving and grooving.

Rashad has all the low end you want, and is more in the pocket than a set of car keys. Having toured extensively, he has the experience to keep the rhythm on lock.

Jesse’s keys bring next-level magic. A singer-songwriter in his own right, Jesse has a keen sense of the right emotion to draw out of the sound.

Songs list

Risky Biscuit pulls from one-hit-wonders like Harvey Danger and Marcy’s Playground, cart-toppers like Third Eye Blind and Matchbox 20, and deep cuts from bands like Stone Temple Pilots and Sublime. Love the 90’s but want more than just alternative rock? Catch us playing Outkast and Garth Brooks. Feeling something classic? Listen for The Beatles and Pink Floyd.


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Jim Tiernan

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