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What started out as a love for books and reading aloud as an adolescent, has turned into a fulfilling career for Emcee-Vince

Emcee-Vince began his “professional journey” as a reader for the blind for the United Way’s Radio Reading Service in Gary, Indiana. His distinctive baritone voice and engaging personality has led him to host numerous corporate and non-profit events and awards shows, travel internationally as a licensed Professional Ballroom Dance Emcee, serve as PA Announcer for the NBA, WNBA, Arena Football, and Pro Boxing, as well as serve as mentor and instructor for many voice-over artists in the Atlanta Metro area.

With the personal and business mission statement to “Make People Feel Good”, Vince has had success on productions large and small, from Podcasts to Network TV Award Shows and beyond. Whether C-Suite Executive to the Boiler Room Janitor, Vince believes ALL deserve the highest accolades when honored and does his best (with humor and genuine appreciation) to help ensure it is an event to remember!

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