Meet The Band

The Joe Gransden Jazz Quartet has performed all over the world by now while releasing seven CDs in his own name.

Well-known for his “chops”, dashing good looks and the hard bop approach of his trumpet, Joe’s smooth singing voice has been compared to Chet Baker and Frank Sinatra.

Joe’s peers throughout the country hear a talented trumpet player whose ace in the hole is a well-developed voice. Joe’s demeanor as a nice guy who gains your respect and who treats people fairly is well thought of from Atlanta to New York.

Gransden has always managed to keep of his career and family life in balance. Even in these tough times, Joe lyricism and music depth brings a breath of fresh air to any audience.

Quote: $2,500 – 5,000

Songs list

1. On Green Dolphin Street Click to play

2. Don’t Give Up* Click to play

3. After The Lovin’ Click to play

4. High Heel Sneakers

5. Let’s Take A Chance Together* Click to play

6. Seasons* Click to play

7. The First Time* Click to play

8. Why Should I Care Click to play

9. Blue ‘n’ Boogie Click to play

10. My Funny Valentine Click to play

11. DJ Click to play

12. Between Logic And Passion* Click to play




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