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Pan Flute Live Atlanta Entertainment

The Pan Flute – Look at Atlanta Entertainment A History

Live Atlanta entertainment and The Pan Flute is our focus today.  We seldom hear Pan Flute performed live here ,but you frequently hear it in commercial music and movie scores.  Our Live Atlanta Entertainment featuring the Pan Flute may be making a comeback.  The instrument has a vast history throughout the ages.

The Pan flute, also known as Panpipes, is a group of wind instruments of closed tubes varying in length.  The tubes make different tones of the musical scale grouped together.  The sizes vary from 13 to 15 tubes each.

The principle material used to make the Pan Flute is bamboo.  The instrument is named after the Greek God of Shepherds and nature, Pan.  The Greeks, Romans and many ancient Etruscans played the instrument at their festivals, wedding banquets and funeral processions.

Live Atlanta Entertainment featuring a Sax / Flute Player with percussion duo
An outdoor Jazz wedding in Atlanta.

The the tubes are different lengths to make the 12-tone chromatic scale.  They are tuned by using pebbles or corn kernels placed in the bottom of the closed tubes.  To make the tones sound, one blows air through holes at the top of each tube.  The tubes will sound more reedy or more flute-like depending the width.  The Peruvian Pan Flute makers curve them using beeswax and bind them together so that they stay intact.

Many live Atlanta Live Entertainment Saxophone players have double on flute. The most common is the closed-hole version.  Blue Sky Atlanta Music represents many bands with jazz flutists among them.  There are very few Pan Flute players in Atlanta.  As a result players are rare here.  I expect to see more Pan Flute players as more people emigrate from Peru and Romania.

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Best Atlanta Wedding Music Bands


Searching for the best quality entertainment

Keeping an eye Atlanta Wedding Music Bands is our business.  Due to Atlanta becoming the exciting, vibrant, growing city it is; wedding receptions, private and special events are abundant.  The Best Atlanta Wedding Music Bands and DJ’s from all around Atlanta have a home at Blue Sky Atlanta Music & Entertainment.  We make picking your entertainment a pleasure – not a chore.

Blue Sky Atlanta Music & Entertainment has been on the radar of Atlantans for several decades.  Hence, it is the best resource for the city’s best Atlanta Wedding Music Bands .  But, let’s no forget DJ’s!  Connecting a great DJ like DJ-Rick working his music mixing skills at a fund raiser like the one at Summerour Studios last Friday night brings us great pleasure.

Best Atlanta Wedding Music Bands and DJ's

Best Atlanta Wedding Music Bands

Just last week we had a Bride choose a DJ over a Band – it happens.  A professional DJ can really make a difference.  Live bands create excellent results!  So, if you are looking for that full live sound, a live band is certainly the way to go and well worth your investment.

Country Clubs and Catering Companies rely on us for their entertainment.  Member/Guest events and Outdoor Parties may entail something as small as a solo performer play guitar with vocals.  The terrific Owens Brothers are shared their talents with private club members in Alpharetta.  We have full blown Atlanta party bands like the fabulous Mike Veal Band to enhance your party’s outcome.

Since Spring is a very special time of the year, Steel Drum Bands are in great demand.   The sounds of the Caribbean brought to your pool or country club set the theme and, as a result, the outcome is most satisfying.

Therefore, call Blue Sky Atlanta Music & Entertainment today for your proposal today.  Request some information leaving us as much or as little as you want.  .The more you initially share us the better.  But, please be assured we want your business and we will work hard to earn it!



 Enjoy the Greatest Carnival on Earth:  Mardi Gras 2018


Enjoy the Greatest Carnival on Earth:  Mardi Gras 2018

Visiting New Orleans this month? Don’t miss the opportunity to catch up with the upcoming Mardi gras, one of the greatest carnivals on earth! This year the festival is going to be held on February 13, 2018.


Mardi gras, a French word, means ‘Fat Tuesday’ that marks the beginning of a fasting season, called Lent. Christians celebrate this festival as the last opportunity to eat rich food till Easter Sunday.



Festival Attractions:

  1. The top attraction of the celebration is the parade taking place on the parade route, where the crowds and the floats pass by. Watching the parade from Uptown at the St. Charles Avenues will be a great experience for its friendly atmosphere.
  1. Watching people in different costumes will be a great fun. Dress up anything you like during this time.
  1. Catching the throws like beads, doubloons, cups, stuffed animals by the Mardi gras float riders is truly exciting. Bring a plastic or cloth bag to hold things you catch but don’t dare to reach down to pick up the throws.

 Other than watching the parades there are so many things to do during carnival season. Visit the great restaurants, click some great snaps and experience live music!

  • Click some pictures at the beautiful park of Jackson Square, a historical attraction in New Orleans.
  • Shop in the French Market, the farmers market where you can buy everything from local delicacies to souvenir for your home.
  • Explore the restaurants, jazz bars on Frenchmen Street, most of them offering local seafood and farm produce. The place holds a live music concert every night by local talents.

There are so many things to do in this festive season that a single article will fall short to include all. These are just a few things that are strongly recommended to you.



Top Attractions in Atlanta, The Rich City of Cultural Heritage


Atlanta Attractions continued.

Center for Civil and Human Rights

A visit to the Center for Civil and Human Rights in downtown Atlanta is worthwhile because of its exciting cultural attraction that relates The American Civil Rights Movement to today’s Global Human Rights Movements.


  • Four exhibition spaces that include a constantly rotating gallery of belongings from The Morehouse College Martin Luther King, Jr. Collection displaying personal papers and items of Dr. King.
  • Designated event spaces and educational programs inspiring visitors to join the current dialogue about today’s movements for human rights across the world.

The World of Coca-Cola

It is a museum, located in Atlanta, Georgia. You can experience the rich history of Coca-Cola Company through a unique VIP Guided Tour which is a personalized and customized tour allowing both way conversation in a small group setting.

Centennial Olympic Park

Remember Atlanta Olympics in 1996? The site is now converted into a famous park filled with walking paths, water gardens & the Fountain of Rings, a great place to spend an evening with your family and kids.

Other Attractions:
Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Park:

What to see:
• King’s birthplace
• family church & tomb
• National Park surrounding King’s birth home,
• Ebenezer Baptist Church
• King’s graveyard.

CNN Center
Avail the Popular tour to witness a behind-the-scenes look at the CNN TV news network & the operations at the global channel center.

It is strict advice to all visitors that they must check out on the internet, the opening and closing time of all the places, plus the prices and offers fit well in advance to save both time and money.

The third part of this article will unveil the massive food and music scene in Atlanta. Stay Tuned 😉


Visit Atlanta, The Rich City of Cultural Heritage


Atlanta Attractions

If you’ve a plan to visit Atlanta on your next family vacation, this blog will help you with some useful tips on holidaying in Atlanta. Check out the things the place offers to its visitors to ensure an exciting and fun-filled trip.

Before exploring any new place, there are certain things you should know which may come handy during your trip. History of a place is one such thing that you should know as this gives you an extra edge while exploring a new place.

History in brief:
Atlanta, the capital city of the U.S. state of Georgia played a crucial part during the Civil War as well as 1960s Civil Rights Movement. Atlanta History Center reveals the city’s past. There is a Centennial Olympic Park, built for the 1996 Olympics, surrounding the spectacular Georgia Aquarium. Apart from that, the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site represents the African-American leader’s life and times.

What to see and do in Atlanta:
Atlanta is full of attractions right from great historical places to family parks and hotspots for adventure and fun activities, the mouth-watering exotic food to taste and of course not to miss the quintessential musical flavors of this region. It depends whether you are planning for a short stay or a weeklong stay in Atlanta, you are traveling alone or with family for a weekend trip. Depending on the length of your stay in Atlanta, you can plan to explore the places and create your memories.

Georgia Aquarium

Get thrilled to explore one of the most significant and most magical aquariums in the world Its a place to experience the thrill of the underwater world, learn about aquatic habitats, the exotic marine life. The site is strategically located in downtown Atlanta and is at a stone’s throw distance from other significant city attractions like Centennial Olympic Park, Center for Civil and Human Rights and the World of Coca-Cola, CNN, the College Football Hall of Fame, plus some city hotels as well.


Fox Theatre

The Fox Theatre, also called Fabulous Fox is a venue for performing arts located in Midtown, Atlanta and is the centerpiece of the Fox Theatre Historic District. It was initially a movie palace planned as part of a large shrine Temple. Restored to its 1920 look recently, it hosts many cultural and artistic shows including the summer film series, Broadway shows, Atlanta Ballet, comedy shows and musical concerts.  In 1940s it was known as Atlanta’s renowned public dance hall and hosted all the important big bands jazz, country and western swing bands of the era.

Atlanta Botanical Garden

Visit this world of magic and tranquility where features like the Fuqua Orchid Centre, rarest plant collections, fantastic displays, and spectacular exhibitions treat the visitors all year round. It is the most sought-after place in the city to visit or host wedding ceremonies every season. Kids will just love to visit this place.

Main Attractions:
• 30 acres of outdoor gardens
• An award-winning Children’s Garden
• A unique Canopy Walk through Storza Woods
• Edible Garden
• Conservation gardens amphibian displays
• Facilities for indoor and outdoor rental options for high profile meetings and celebrations.

There are any more interesting and fabulous attractions in Atlanta.

Stay tuned for the next part….. 🙂


Striking a Balance Finding an Affordable Wedding DJ


A Feel for Things: Strike a Balance in Finding an Affordable Wedding DJ

Every DJ is different, but one thing to consider when you’re hiring an affordable Wedding DJ is how you feel about that DJ navigating the evening.  Is there trust?  If you’re doing it right, there should be.  So, let’s explore adding a little sparkle to your wedding reception.

Atlanta Affordable Wedding DJ's, Best DJ's

You and your partner will know you’ve found the right disc jockey when you feel confident that he or she can handle just about anything.  (It’s kind of like marriage, right?) Because, honestly, the bride and the groom aren’t supposed to be worried about the details.  Now that the party is planned, it’s up to them to let go and enjoy the special day.

When choosing a DJ or the musical act for your wedding reception, an interview can be a great way to get to know the DJ or the live performers and to see if the match is right.  Of course, though you and your partner are the ones hiring the DJ or the live performers, keep in mind the DJ or the musicians may have some questions for you, too.

He (or she) may want to know how many people will be coming in from out of town, the ranges of ages of people in attendance, and the types of music you want most requested.  In addition to what songs should and should not be played, these details matter.

Even if you don’t know specifics, being open and honest with each other will get this working relationship professional and off on the right footing while keeping the evening unfolding just as you originally planned.  Let us help you plan!  We do this all the time.

It is certainly worth the investment to use the skills of a knowledgeable, proven DJ performer and consider using our company to guide you every step of the way and be there for you from the booking date to to play date.

In addition to the Wedding DJs, we @BlueSkyAtlanta – a complete  Event Entertainment Company,  also have other  Wedding Musicians: Atlanta Wedding Bands, Wedding Guitarists, Wedding Pianists, Wedding Harpists and many more