If you are looking to host a New Year Party for your corporate clients, explore the various options that you can try to make it a success!

Select an Ideal Venue for the party:

A great venue at a remote location is not the best choice for your event. The venue should be conveniently located near your workspace and easily accessible by public transport. This will reduce the cost of pick and drop. Make sure that the venue has ample parking space and check out for discount and offers if available. Ask the venue manager about any ongoing deals on venue, food and beverage for the New Year party.

Decide a Realistic Budget:

Decide a budget which is realistic and easily applicable. The overall cost estimated should be kept a little higher to cover unforeseen and unexpected expenditure. The extra fund thus created can be utilised at the last minute to add oomph factor to an event.

Choose a Theme-based Party:

Choose a theme intelligently for your party that will ensure that the decoration, food and entertainment of the party are well coordinated. This is the simplest and effective way to reflect your brand’s image at the party. Browse the internet to find more corporate entertainment ideas for your New Year Party this year. 

Hire an Event Planning Company

If it’s a large event, you have to rely on an event planner to manage the entire planning of the party so that you may focus on the business aspect of the party. From choosing a venue to arrange the best catering in your budget, the event planner will deal with everything on your behalf.

Plan Activities to Encourage Team Sprit

If the main motto of the event is to develop team spirit, then team activities would help your team members to connect with each other. There are many fun activities like treasure hunts, speed networking etc. that are great options for corporate parties.

Hire a Professional Photographer


Make it an Award Function:

Most people these days use their own mobiles and iPhones to snap pictures; still you must hire a photographer to capture the important moments perfectly. If you are on a limited budget, try to find someone from your employee group who holds photography as passion. Not only he would feel honoured but it will also save a great amount of money.        

This occasion gives you an opportunity to recognise the contribution of your employees, clients and colleagues and also to highlight the company’s achievements during the year.

Distribute Responsibilities

To reduce stress and make the party well-organised, delegate responsibilities amongst the vendors and staff. Make a to-do list in advance and trust someone with the list to ensure that every task is executed on time and with proper planning.

To make your party super successful, follow the above tips and to seek professional help, contact Blue Sky Atlanta Entertainment Co.