You’ve already decided you want a rock band for your wedding. You know you want the rock band to play some guitar solos that embodies your love and your future life together. What you don’t know yet is where to find and how to choose the best guitar solos?

You want the guitar solos to personify your love but also represent the uniqueness of your joining at the wedding. At the same time, the guitar solos should captivate your wedding guests. What should be your next step in deciding how to pick the right rock band that can deliver what you need?

Rock Band Varieties

Rock bands come in all sizes, shapes, sounds, and special effects. No two rock bands are the same. Because each rock band has a unique style and class, you need to zero in on the one who can give your wedding the best guitar solos.

You’ve already gone through some band options by visiting their websites, reviewing their references, and listened to their music. You’re still not sure which one of your top band selections can give you what you want and need for your wedding.

How to Start

You need to start with three things to find a perfect band who can play the best guitar solos:

  1. Research
  2. Band Song List
  3. Band’s musical strengths and talent

Once you select the band, you need to make sure the musician or singer who performs the amazing guitar solos is the one who will be playing at your wedding. It’s not uncommon for bands to rotate band members to various weddings being held at the same time.

Best Guitar Solos

Now that you’ve confirmed you will have the band member who can perform the guitar solos that represent your love best you still have to pick out the solos you want. What’s more, you want to select ten guitar solos which embody the start of your new life together.

You also want the guitar solos to be enjoyed and remembered by your wedding guests. Some of the best memories start with a song. Now you need a tactical plan on how to find the best guitar solos.

The Best Solo Guitar Sound To-Do-List

There are some things you can do to find the best guitar solos. This to-do list will help you find and provide the guitar solo ambiance and sound befitting your wedding. 

  • Look for a guitar soloist who can pick out the main melody notes
  • The song melody sound needs to feel suspended in the air
  • As the song melody is suspended in the air, it should have minimal supporting chords
  • You want the guitars solos to have a beautiful, rich quality

A talented guitar solo will deliver music that feels open and real. The music should enrich your mind while touching your heart.

Top Ten Best Guitar Solos Celebrating Your Wedding

You may have listened to hundreds of guitar soloists by the time you find the band and soloist you want. Now that you’ve found them, you need a list of the songs which best represent the power of your love. Selecting the best guitar solos is listening and waiting until you find the songs which resonate with you most.

Research and studies have given you a great place to start with the list below. Here is a good place to start with your song list

#1 Whole Lotta Love

Whole Lotta Love – Led Zeppelin, 1967

This song represents your love with a depth and richness, which is hard to beat. The guitar solo uses a slide and backward echo that will move the musical spirits of everyone who hears it at your wedding.

#2 All Your Love

All Your Love – Eric Clapton, 1966

This is a song with a human spirit that sounds almost like a voice. It’s a song that is both frantic with feeling and intense with emotion. This solo is also soft and under control. It strikes the perfect balance for a wedding guitar solo.

#3 Light My Fire

Light My Fire – The Doors – 1967

The name of the song says it all. It may be one of the most recognizable guitar solo beginnings. The song has suspension built into it with long drawn out chords that make you feel the energy and attraction.

#4 Something

Something – George Harrison/The Beatles – 1969

Something may be the best guitar solo ballad ever written. It has instrumental passages that are like the touch of a hand long known and loved. The guitar notes breathe and play with each other.

The five-note signature refrain at the end is all angelic and lyrical.

#5 More Than a Feeling

More Than a Feeling – Boston – 1976

This is a soaring guitar solo with a lilting tone that immediately makes you think of who you love and why. It has an enduring spirit well after the song is over but while it plays you hear and feel the strummed chorus notes.

#6 Stairway to Heaven

Stairway to Heaven – Led Zeppelin – 1971

This guitar solo is the most mystical of all of the top ten guitar songs for a wedding. You can hear the pain, the love, the hope, and the joy throughout this spellbinding guitar solo. It is a masterpiece of guitar notes blended into a moment everyone who listens to it feels.

#7 Feel Like Making Love

Feel Like Making Love – Bad Company – 1975

This guitar solo is based entirely on the chords. The song never pauses or breaks. It’s with you the entire time it plays.

What’s more, you get to experience and feel every chord.

#8 Closer to the Heart

Closer to the Heart – Rush – 1977

Maybe one of the most gentle guitar solos ever. The ringing 12-string guitar solo intro makes pure magic. It is electric, smart, and stunning.

#9 – While My Guitar Gently Weeps

While My Guitar Gently Weeps – The Beatles – 1968

This guitar solo has a verse and bridge. It fades in and out through its instrumental passage which measures in time with a heartbeat or sighs. The guitar solo is so original and unique; it cannot ever be replicated.

#10 – Since I’ve Been Loving You

Since I’ve Been Loving You – Led Zeppelin – 1970

This was the song which was hardest to record, but that’s because every note is an emotion. There is no better guitar solo for a wedding. 

Finding the Right Band to Perform the Best Guitar Solos

You now have your best guitar solos for your wedding. Or at least you have a great place to start with the guitar solos listed above. When you want to move forward with the top bands, quality sound, and guitar talent, look no further.

Reach out to us today. We can help you start planning your legendary wedding sound today.