When you’re planning a wedding, your mind tends to be on a lot of the major details. What will your dress or tux be like? What will your wedding party wear? What sort of flowers will you have, and who will perform the ceremony? But you also need to think about what will keep your guests entertained during your reception. There are a ton of amazing types of entertainment you can hire to make your wedding special. Read on to discover some great wedding entertainment ideas that will make your special day one for the books.

1. Live Artist

Watching art being created is always wonderful, so why not bring some artistry to your wedding? Hire a live painter to capture your first dance, your reception, or even a quick portrait of your wedding party. You could also hire a caricature artist to draw portraits of your guests, providing them a memorable souvenir to take home! 

2. Mixologist 

Having a bar at a wedding is a classic, but why not take things to the next level? A mixologist can create amazing custom drinks for your guests. You could even have them design a custom cocktail for your wedding and give you the recipe so you and your partner can make it together throughout the rest of your life.

3. Craft Station

One of the best forms of entertainment is one that your guests can engage with. Set up a craft station with quick projects your guests can create. Not only will this be a fun way to keep guests entertained, but they’ll also have a piece of memorabilia they can take home with them. 

4. Specialty Food

Everyone loves a good spread, and your wedding is the perfect time to get creative with your food options. Get a good truck to come to cater your wedding or set up a food bar with your favorite dishes or cultural cuisine. You can also hire a chef to create a special experience for your day.

5. Transportation Entertainment 

Depending on where your wedding is, you may be able to hire some specialty transportation to whisk your guests away on a magical ride. Look into horse-drawn carriages, or consider renting a classic car for the occasion. If your wedding is near water, you could even arrange for boat rides.

6. Live Performer

Live performers are a fantastic choice for wedding entertainment, and your options are nearly endless. On the more traditional end of the scale, you can hire live wedding bands, string quartets, or DJs. But you could also hire circus performers, comedians, or even a magician to make your special day amazing.

7. Animal Guests

Everyone loves a cute animal, so why not have one as part of your wedding entertainment? Some services will allow you to hire a llama or alpaca to come hang out at your reception, or you could set up a petting zoo. You might even be able to talk to a local animal handler about bringing some more exotic creatures for your guests to visit with.

8. Lawn Games

If you’re having an outdoor reception, lawn games can be a great casual way to keep people entertained. Set up croquet or Frisbee sets that people can use, or get a giant chess set. You can also go a little more lighthearted with a bounce castle or other inflatable outdoor toys. 

9. Fireworks

Your love with your partner has had fireworks, so why shouldn’t your wedding? If you’re having an outdoor evening reception, arrange for a fireworks display in a nearby safe area. Sparklers can also make for magical departure pictures so long as you and your guests handle them responsibly.

10. Choreographed Dance

You’ve probably seen videos of wedding flash mobs circulating around the internet in the last few years. These experiences can be a great way for you and your wedding party to have fun while also entertaining your guests. Just make sure everyone has time to get together and learn the choreography in plenty of time before the wedding.

11. Parade

Your wedding is your special day, so why not hold a literal parade to celebrate it? When it’s time for you and your new spouse to leave, have your wedding party and any willing guests join you in a parade around the city you’re in. You may want to coordinate an escort with the local police to make sure everyone stays safe.

12. Indoor Games

If you’re having an indoor reception, having games around can still be a great way for your guests to mingle. You can set out a stack of board games, a few decks of cards, and rules for some different card games. You could also rent an arcade game or set up a video game corner if you and your partner are gamer types.

13. Floating Lanterns

If you’ve ever seen Tangled, you’ll know how amazing the sight of hundreds of lanterns floating up into the sky can be. Get a bunch of floating lanterns and set them off before you and your partner leave the reception. Not only will this be an amazing memorable experience for your guests, but it can also make for some amazing photos.

14. Photo Booth

On the subject of photos, why not arrange entertainment that will help your guests remember your special day? Set up a photo booth for your guests to take photos in, and send the prints out with your thank you notes. You can even combine this with some other entertainment ideas, such as animal guests or transportation entertainment.

Find More Wedding Entertainment Ideas 

Planning entertainment for your wedding is one of the most fun parts of the whole process. Think about what sort of wedding you’re hosting and what will be the most fun for your guests. And don’t be afraid to think outside the box with wedding entertainment ideas to keep your guests engaged and having fun!

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