It’s an art putting together the perfect wedding playlist. Top Atlanta’s DJ‘s at Blue Sky balance sweetness with sass with a party-rocking atmosphere which may take time. A wedding playlist is no ordinary playlist, either! For songs to play about 60 to 90 seconds in length, and depending on the length of your wedding reception, your playlist may need to include upwards of 150 songs. This ain’t your ordinary Sunday morning playlist or the one you rock out to at the gym!

Consider this…

1. Play the songs that matter.

What song will you play when you two have your first dance together? What songs will play when the special couple dances with their own parents? Songs that speak to you…include those.

2. Play the popular tunes.

Weddings may not be the time or place to introduce your guests to obscure musicians or the songs you calm yourself down with you’re driving home from work and you’re stuck in city traffic (sorry!). People want to hear the hits. When guests can sing along and anticipate the beat (even a little bit!), they’re more likely to get their booty to the dance floor. Great standards include Motown, Top 40, and 90s Pop.

3. Try this golden Ratio: 90% fast, 10% slow.

Weddings are about the big party, but they are also a time to savor the more special moments. Allow room for both of these with this ratio.

Even if choosing music isn’t your strong suit, keep these tips in mind and you will be golden.  Special requests are our favorite!  So have fun filling out the questionnaire your event coordinator or booking agent provides you and really enjoy this special time together.  And, don’t forget to include a short “do not play list”  – one that everyone has in the back of their mind that they heard at a wedding all aghast and recollected saying to themselves  “Never at my wedding reception!”