Private parties, weddings and corporate holiday party ideas abound the second half of every year and this year should be no exception in the southeast.  Optimistically speaking, the snail’s pace economic recovery is finally picking up tempo, in my view.  So, with luck, this should be a fairly good year for special events by the time December rolls around.

But, meanwhile, we have to plan their parties and weddings – and there’s currently over 2 million couples getting married in the U.S. annually – all picking interesting event spaces in Atlanta for your special event.  Here are just a few of some of the best Atlanta wedding venues which come to mind in and around the metro area of Atlanta.

The Fox Theater – This beloved historical Atlanta landmark and Shriner Yaarab Temple was built in 1929 just months before the Stock Market crash. It holds the mystic and magic of the Egypto-mania that was the rage in the early 20th century complete with hieroglyphics on many of the walls. The Spanish room ceiling has been restored and all of its original stain glass is in place with the exception of one! The second and larger Egyptian Ballroom simply is simply stunning.

The Georgian Terrace Hotel – Right across the street from the Fox Theater is another historical landmark where famous guests once danced the night away following the premiere of film classic ,”Gone With The Wind”. Imagine if the walls could speak? I can just see Clark Gable and Olivia DeHavilland right off the screen dining and skipping the light fandango into the wee hours.

Marriott’s Evergreen Resort is an idyllic setting only a short drive from the center of Atlanta, Ga. is located inside St. Mountain Park. The ballrooms are spacious yet varied in size and the property couldn’t be rustic. There’s even a beautiful lake with an outdoor pavilion for your wedding ceremony to take place in the beautiful outdoors. Few take care of you better than Marriott!

The Georgia Aquarium – Nothing trumps eating your dinner entree in the Oceans Ballroom as several huge Beluga whales swim past up close and personal as you gaze over your plate. The building that opened its doors without debt is home to some of the world’s most precious sea life.  The room’s lighting is spectacular in and of itself as the lights can be programmed to change every few minutes.

Some of the best music bands in Atlanta as well as Blue Sky Atlanta’s classical musicians are gearing up for the next 18 months which, if it were my guess, is going to one of the busiest times in recent memory because things are picking up across the board.   One thing to remember when planning is that most bands are capable of providing DJ services to ramp up the party and give you the best of both worlds!  We still answer the question, “Do you represent DJs, also?”  Answer: definitely!

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