Did you know the average wedding will set a bride and groom back over $25,000? That’s a serious sum of money, and feeling obligated to spend so much puts financial strain on many couples looking to plan their dream Atlanta wedding.

But it doesn’t need to be this way — especially if you’re willing to learn how to cut costs and stick to your budget. Use this 4 ways to minimize the cost of your wedding to get started.


Take Advantage of Natural Venues…

Renting out an event space in downtown Atlanta can bust your wedding budget. The greater Atlanta area has plenty of great options for venues outside the perimeter — and if you’re willing to trek into rural areas, you’ll find a great deal on a beautiful location to host your event.

Take advantage of natural backdrops and plan for an outdoor ceremony or reception. Moving part of your event outdoors can help you save on the cost of things like flowers and other decor. The natural environment is already there and looking great for you, so you don’t have to spend so much in an effort to decorate. Just make sure you have a contingency plan in case the weather doesn’t cooperate with you.

…and Long Warm Weather Seasons

Atlanta in June or July is hot. That’s peak wedding season, which means venues are the most expensive at this time of year. So skip the high prices and the stifling temperatures by taking advantage of the South’s short winter and long warm weather seasons.

It can be comfortable outside well into November, so brides and grooms can still take advantage of holding some portion of their Atlanta wedding outside without worrying about freezing the guests and bridal party.


Keep It Casual

Another advantage of an Atlanta wedding? You can run with a number of beautiful Southern themes while still keeping the event casual and low-key instead of formal.

Choose handmade decor and favors, and forget more expensive options bought at a store. Casual events usually mean things like delicious buffets instead of served, plated dinners, and fun touches like a cupcake bar instead of a massive, thousand-dollar wedding cake. Hire a professional musician well in advance for the event entertainment to avoid last minute charges.

Go vintage, go shabby-chic, go outdoorsy and natural — whatever you choose, a casual Southern wedding is one that’s sure to be beautiful and budget-friendly.

Trim the Guest List

Do you really need 300 or more people at your wedding? The more guests you invite, the more your event will cost you. Be honest with yourselves and narrow down the guest list to the people that matter most. Remember, this is a special day for you because you’re marrying the one you love. Your wedding shouldn’t be a show that you put on for other people.