Looking for ways to make an upcoming office party an event everyone will actually enjoy? 

Curious about how to keep large numbers of guests engaged and entertained at a fundraiser? 

Just want to make sure that your party has a unique element that lets everyone know you throw the best celebrations in town? 

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then you should consider hiring a magician. But what kinds of events could be made even better by the presence of a magician? 

Keep reading this post to find out—and to learn where you can go to hire the best magicians in and around the Atlanta area. 

1. A New Year’s Eve Bash

No New Year’s Eve party is complete without several bottles of champagne, a black and gold theme, and of course, more novelty party hats and sunglasses than you ever thought you’d need. 

However, because New Year’s Eve is so often celebrated in exactly the same way each year, the parties can sometimes get a little stale. 

This year, liven things up by booking the best magicians to keep your guests entertained while the ball drops. 

Ask the magician if they can perform a version of a card trick where instead of picking a card, everyone puts their New Year’s resolutions on a slip of paper in a pile. The magician can then magically match the resolution to its owner. It’s not just fun, it also keeps everyone accountable when it comes to their goals for the coming year. 

2. A Retirement Celebration

Planning the perfect retirement party for yourself or a member of your family is always a bit of a challenge. 

You want to make sure you invite the right people, serve the guest of honor’s favorite dishes, and get the right entertainment for the occasion. 

Instead of hiring dancers or a crooner that knows all the oldies, why not go with a magician?

A magic show is a great way to break up the party into sections, and it’s especially helpful if the retiree is a bit on the shy side. They can serve as the magician’s assistant and be the center of attention, but still have someone with them up there in front of everyone.

Who knows? 

The retiree may be so inspired that they end up learning magic in their newly found free time!

3. Your Holiday Party

The best magicians can make an already epic holiday soiree even better. 

First of all, if you’ve invited guests and their children to your holiday party, hiring a magician is a great way to keep them entertained (so that the adults at the party can actually relax!) 

Additionally, hiring a holiday magician is an awesome way to handle gift exchanges. 

Ask the magician if they’d be willing to dress up as Santa Claus, and then gather everyone for a game of White Elephant. Instead of choosing the gifts for themselves, the magician can magically pull the gag gifts out of thin air. 

This makes the game that much more fun, and it’s a great way to get people talking to one another. After the game, the magician can perform more tricks as they mingle among your guests. 

4. A Corporate Cocktail Event

Let’s face it—sometimes, those corporate cocktail parties can be a bit stiff. This is especially the case if your employer has placed limits on the number of cocktails you are allowed to have if clients are present. 

The best way to liven things up is with a corporate event magician. 

It’s an awesome way to entertain guests that doesn’t require anyone to have to make a lengthy speech that no one really wants to listen to anyway. Plus, if you’ve invited clients, they’ll certainly be impressed by the fact that you did something different than the standard cocktail party entertainment — and they’ll remember your company as a result.

5. A Party Where You Plan to Propose

Finally, one of the best—and most original—reasons to look for a magician for hire is so that they can help you propose. 

If you know your future spouse has always wanted you to pop the question in front of a crowd of friends and family members, go for entertainment that’s both original and perfect for the occasion. 

The magician can start off by performing standard magic tricks to impress the crowd (and throw your future spouse off the scent of a proposal.) Then, the magician can ask you both come up on stage with them to be “assistants” for the next trick. 

The magician can pull the engagement ring out of a hat or even out of your sleeve, and you can get down on one knee and ask the big question. 

Now that’s a proposal idea no one will ever forget. 

Looking for the Best Magicians for Your Next Event?

Whether you’re celebrating a retirement, your employees and clients, or even getting ready to propose, hiring a magician is always a wonderful idea. 

Not only do we have the best magicians in and around the Atlanta area, but we can also connect you with the best live bands, DJs, vocalists, and even comedians guaranteed to make your next party unforgettable. 

Click here to tell us a bit more about your event and the kind of entertainment you’re looking for. If you need a little help putting everything together, we suggest you work with one of our expert party planners.

We look forward to helping you throw a party that no one will be able to stop talking about for years to come.