Getting married? That’s amazing but keep amazing it’s going to take a lot of preparation.

Your wedding day is going to be one of the most special days of your life. All your friends and family get together to see you tie the knot with your significant other. After the wedding reception will be the greatest party of your life. 

Of course, no celebration is complete without great entertainment. There are so many wedding live entertainment options out there. But before you book a band, what are the factors to consider for live entertainment? 

Before you start finalizing your wedding, consider your options. Take a look at the five factors when planning your wedding live entertainment. 

Consider Your Budget

The first step to planning any event is forming a budget plan. Your budget will serve as a fundamental guideline for the rest of the planning process. Make sure to cover all the major things first and worry about the small details later. 

Don’t be afraid to hire a wedding budget consultant or wedding planner. After you’re done with the major elements of your wedding, you can start looking at wedding live entertainment options. Take the time to ask about the costs of wedding live entertainment in your area.  

Having a live entertainment budget will help you with listing the highest priorities. With a proper budget, you know how much you can allocate to certain events during your wedding. 

Event Timeline or Schedule 

Having a wedding day timeline is great for making sure that things go according to plan. Everyone at your wedding should receive a timeline. This will ensure that there are no delays or complications. 

Breaking down your event allows you to properly allocate time to your performers. 

Your performers will use your schedule as a guideline for the night. It helps your band know what time they should arrive. Your performers must have enough time to set up and prepare for the evening. 

The wedding timeline must include all events for the evening. The listed events will help guide your band in their preparations. Include all the important details in your wedding timeline. 

Wedding Venue

It’s important to decide on a wedding venue ahead of time. This should be one of the first steps in planning your wedding. Some of the most popular venues require reservations months prior to your wedding day. 

When choosing a wedding, be mindful of restrictions and packages. Your venue should be able to accommodate all of your guests. Your venue may also impact the people you hire for live entertainment. 

Your venue may have restrictions regarding speakers and instruments. Your choice of live entertainment may even affect the entire theme of your wedding. Some live entertainment companies may reject you depending on your venue.

If you want to hire live entertainment for your wedding, make sure it can accommodate your performers. Take note of how many musicians there will be if you plan on hiring a band or ensemble. Don’t forget to factor in room for instruments, speakers, and wires.

List Your Options

It’s okay to have a long list of wedding live entertainment options at the beginning of your planning process. Your significant other may want to hire a DJ, but you’d like to hire a band.

Music is a crucial element for the wedding, so hire someone who can deliver to your vision! 

Hiring a DJ is common for weddings. DJs are the most affordable form of live entertainment for weddings. The great thing about choosing a DJ is that you have access to almost any song. 

DJs have a huge database for music. A great DJ is able to read the crowd and pull up music with the right music. Wedding DJs are different from party DJs, so choose a DJ seasoned for weddings. 

Want a unique form of live entertainment? Consider hiring a magician to add an extra touch of magic to your wedding night. Like DJs, magicians have different skill levels. When looking for a magician for your wedding, don’t be afraid to ask questions. 

You may be able to find referrals to a performer who can accommodate your needs. You can ask for a background check. 

You may even hire a musical ensemble for your wedding. You may hire regular bands who have a vocalist, guitarist, bassist, pianist, and drummer. If you want a more classical touch, we can get you harpists and string quartets. 

Want to make your guests laugh? We can get you a comedian for your special day. 

There are many sources of entertainment. Spend time researching and interviewing potential performers. 

Who Are You Working With? 

If you’re not convinced, watch your entertainers perform somewhere else. Most companies upload YouTube videos, but if possible, visit a live performance. 

Doing so gives you a demonstration of how your entertainers work in person. It allows you to assess crowd satisfaction and consistency of value. This also gives you the chance to get face-to-face reviews from their other clients. 

Ask around to see if previous clients left satisfied with the work. Your potential entertainer must also be able to take requests. Flexibility is crucial in case things don’t go according to plan. 

DJs may be able to accommodate to your playlist, but some bands need time to learn songs. If you plan on hiring a live band, prepare yourself for unanswered song requests. After you’ve chosen your performers, be sure to review your contract before signage. 

Get the Best Wedding Live Entertainment!

Choosing the right wedding live entertainment may be stressful. But if done right, your performers could deliver a memorable evening. Make sure to stick to your live entertainment budget and review the terms and conditions of your contract. 

Try not to rush your wedding planning. Relax and take it one step at a time, and everything will go smoothly. 

But it doesn’t end here! If you liked any of the wedding live entertainment options listed above, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

You can find various sources of music and entertainment right here at BlueSkyAtlanta. We’ll be sure to deliver the wedding of your dreams! Book our musicians now!