Most people opt for a great Wedding Music Band or a super Wedding DJ to perform at their wedding reception. That, of course, is just fine and fairly traditional.  But that also leaves lots of options open – with thinking out of the box – for thought provoking Rehearsal Dinner entertainment!
Here are some terrific thoughts that won’t break the bank, take anything away from the entertainment plans in place for the reception and may very well compliment “the big day” quite nicely.

1) Hire A Comedian – Comedy has been quite a  unique and popular request in the last few years for rehearsal dinners, if for no other reason than to relax people and encourage an ice-breaking laugh or two enjoying good, clean comedy.   And, this leaves the comedy part of the evening to a professional.  Some options: the groom-to-be is roasted slightly to the delight of his friends and family or the bride-to-be has sorority sisters that know her so well and want to reminisce about some humorous times they had together.  The couple’s friends can even join in the fun by devising a script for the comic to do his 20 to 30 minutes of remarks on their likes and dislikes.  Comedy may also suit the couple who just happen to have a healthy sense of humour.

2) A Steel Drum Band – A Steel Drum Band, in my view, is a  fabulous idea especially for the couple planning a honeymoon in the Islands or they have relatives from there.  Many steel drum musicians can perform all-American standards from Jazz to Pop throughout the night and keep it light and fun as well as island favorites from Belafonte to Marley.

3) A Flamenco Guitarist – For most a soothing idea, a Flamenco guitarist or a classical guitarist may be just the answer to create the ambiance you are looking for. Take your listeners to romantic spots around the globe. Let your imagination run as the guitarist masterfully fills the air with Brazilian themes, tangos and meringues. Your requests will be lined out in advance and can be called upon at introduction time or to set the mood behind a great toast to the new couple.

4) Magician for Hire– Image a world-class magician moving by degrees throughout the ballroom dazzling and amusing your friends and relatives!  A gal recently called us and mentioned that she had never seen a professional magician work “up close”.  It is truly a treat for the first timers and people of all ages join in the spellbinding fun.  They can work part of the night and make a statement as guests arrive and enjoy cocktails.

5) A Caricaturist – Looking for something a little unexpected? Then an artist to amuse your guests without taking anything from the overall evening’s festivities will do the trick. It should also be noted that any young person will be thrilled having the artist draw them keeping them engaged and, best of all, they can bring home the artwork as a memento!

All of the above the above ideas could be well planned surprises for the couple and guests!  Click here to request a quote for your Atlanta wedding rehearsal dinner party entertainment!