There’s a lot to stress over when it comes to planning your big day — so many decisions to make, so many moving parts to coordinate. It can make even the most organized person start to panic.

Fortunately, there are plenty of things you don’t need to worry about when it comes to your wedding. Here are just five things you shouldn’t worry about.

1. Looking Perfect

Ladies, I’m talking to you in particular, although guys can stress over this, too.

You do not have to lose 15 pounds (or any pounds) in order to look beautiful in your wedding dress. If you want to use your big day as an excuse to finally start that exercise regiment you’ve always talked about, that’s one thing, but don’t feel compelled to starve yourself just so you’ll look hot in your wedding pictures. Ditto for getting a spray tan if that’s not your style or donning elaborate nails if you prefer to keep it simple.

You’ll look hot because you’re happy and in love. Period. So stay true to yourself and your personal style and don’t try to be someone you’re not just for the sake of photos.

2. Having Everything Go Perfectly

Let’s get this one out of the way early, too: Your wedding will not go 100% according to plans. Something will go wrong, whether it’s a little thing (like the flower girl having a tantrum halfway down the aisle) or a big thing (like your perfect outdoor wedding being rained out so you’re forced to go with Plan B).

You can only plan ahead so much, and planning will eliminate most of the big things that can go wrong. So let go of perfection, do your best, and don’t stress over the details—and when your big day comes, let go of all of the details and focus on just enjoying your day. If something goes wrong, you’ll find your guests are surprisingly understanding—and you may wind up with some hilarious stories to look back on.

3. Forcing Everyone to Get Along

Weddings have a way of bringing together some seriously different people. In addition to relatives who may not get along and friends who may have some bad blood between them, you’ve got several social circles colliding for the evening, from coworkers to college friends to your Guy’s Night Out crew.

You can take certain measures to avoid conflict, like seating warring factions at opposite tables and having a talk with people beforehand to ask them to be on their best behavior. But you can’t force grownups to do anything they don’t want to do, so put as many stopgaps in place as you can, but accept the fact that not everyone will be able to be in smiling, happy photos together. You can’t force harmony.

4. Keeping Up With the Joneses

So what if your cousin had an ice sculpture shot luge at her reception, or your best friend’s ceremony ended with a dramatic dove release? This is your day, and the only things you need to include in it are the things that you and your significant other really want.

If you’re a casual couple, skip the ball gown and tux and opt for a sundress and a nice khaki suit. If you’re allergic to flowers, trade the massive reception table bouquets for elegant candle arrangements. Heck, walk down to The Final Countdown theme if you want—your wedding is about celebrating your love and your personality as a couple, not impressing anyone or keeping up with any prefab expectations.

5. Throwing a Killer Dance Party

Your guests aren’t the only ones who should enjoy your reception—you should, too! All the hard work of wedding planning is over, you’ve recited the vows you were so nervous about forgetting, so it’s time to let loose and celebrate!

If you hire a professional DJ or wedding band, you don’t have to spend the reception worrying over technical details like whether the equipment will malfunction (they can handle it) or whether the music will be out-of-sync with your guest vibe (a great DJ or band will play off the crowd). Leave it to the professionals so you can end your big day on a great note.

Photo credit: Flickr / epsos

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