There are a few things that your wedding guests will remember long after you cut the cake on your special day — and the entertainment is one of them.

A quality DJ or live band can make or break your special day. Not only are they responsible for getting your guests up and moving, but they also organize several of the evening’s most memorable moments. 

From the first dance to the wedding party introductions and the tossing of the bouquet, you need wedding entertainment you can trust. One who can plan wedding activities and create the perfect atmosphere for your big day.

But before you choose and book an artist or band, keep reading! Here, we share five important things to keep in mind when booking live wedding entertainment.

Grab your wedding checklist and let’s get into it!

1. Consider the Atmosphere and Guest List

As the bride, it’s no secret that you’re the center of attention on your wedding day. From the food and flowers to the color scheme, your wedding should cater to your preferences.

With that being said, you also want your wedding guests to enjoy themselves. You want people to remember your wedding as one of the best they’ve ever attended.

And that starts with hiring the right wedding entertainment for the type of guests in attendance.

Are your wedding party and the guest list made up mostly of young, energetic adults who want to dance to today’s hit music? If so, a DJ well-versed in current music trends might be the right choice for your special day.

On the other hand, if your guest list is filled with older family, friends, or coworkers who prefer oldies or classics, you may want to hire a live band

Although you want to cater to your guests, you also want to choose wedding entertainment that you and your future spouse enjoy. Considering adding a pianist or harpist to the reception or cocktail hour for added elegance and romance. 

2. Attend an Event Before Booking

You wouldn’t buy a car without taking it for a test drive — and you shouldn’t book wedding entertainment before hearing and seeing them in person.

Many entertainers will provide reviews, audiotapes, and even videos of recent performances. While these are acceptable examples of their work, seeing them perform live and in-person is your best option.

If possible, ask the entertainer where they’re hosting a few of their upcoming performances. Check with the venue or host for permission to attend.

Live bands usually perform in local restaurants and bars, making it easy to catch a live performance. During the event, take notes about what parts of their performance you enjoyed and what you’d like them to do differently on your wedding day.

A quality wedding entertainer will have no problem accomodating your needs and requests. 

3. Think Outside the Box

Some brides want a traditional wedding that resembles the one they’ve dreamed of since they were a little girl. Other women want something more unconventional and adventurous.

If the latter describes you, why not hire unique wedding entertainment that is sure to impress your guests?

You can still have a traditional DJ or live band during the reception, but why not hire a harpist or pianist to serenade guests during the cocktail hour? A live string quartette playing as you walk down the aisle will only add romance and class to the breathtaking moment.

Themed-weddings open up even more opportunities for unique and non-traditional entertainment options. Consider magicians, comedians, photo booths with props, and even impersonators depending on your theme and vision for your big day.

4. What Will Their Responsibilities Be?

What do you expect your wedding entertainment to do — besides entertain the guests, of course!

Some DJs and bands are responsible for playing the procession music, introducing the wedding party, playing during the cocktail hour, and much more. Ask the entertainer what services they provide.

Some DJs and bands also offer package deals that include photographers and videographers. If so, ask to see a portfolio of the other professional’s work before committing to anything.

Other entertainers bring along props and plan fun wedding games for the reception. 

Discuss the details prior to placing a downpayment or signing on the dotted line. Make sure you get all the arrangements in writing. There’s nothing worse than miscommunication on your wedding day

5. Venue Restrictions and Rules 

Finding and hiring the wedding entertainment of your dreams isn’t your only concern. It’s important you check with the venue about any rules or regulations they have that might limit the entertainer.

How much space does the venue have for live entertainment and how much does the wedding entertainment need? Live bands bring a wide range of equipment including instruments, acoustics, and amplifiers.

DJs also have turntables, speakers, and other props. Make sure the area for entertainment at your venue has adequate electrical outlets and other resources your entertainment needs.

Does the venue have any rules about pyrotechnics, sound volume, or lighting? Make sure that your entertainment selections can safely perform in accordance with the venue’s rules.

If you hire a live entertainer like a magician or comedian that requires a stage for their performance, ask the venue what type of accommodations they offer. 

Choose Your Wedding Entertainment Wisely for a Memorable Day

For many brides, their wedding is one of the most important days of their lives. Choosing the right wedding entertainment can set the entire mood for your event.

Consider the type of atmosphere you want to create. If you’re hosting a themed-wedding, hire entertainers that help bring your vision to life.

Remember your guests’ preferences and personalities as well.

Need help choosing an artist? Contact us for assistance and browse our blog for more fun and creating wedding entertainment ideas.