According to a recent survey, more than 50% of couples take the time to see different DJs, bands, and other live entertainment acts perform in person prior to hiring them for their weddings. They do it to make sure that they have the right wedding reception entertainment.

If you’re in the market for wedding entertainment right now, you should consider checking out the local talent in the Atlanta area to see which acts would be best for your big day. You should also think about a few important things when planning your wedding reception entertainment.

By giving a lot of thought to these things, you can ensure that your wedding reception entertainment will be absolutely perfect. Take a look at the five things you’ll want to consider when it comes to your wedding entertainment below.

1. What Do You Want the Mood at Your Wedding Reception to Be Like?

Before you dive headfirst into trying to figure out your wedding reception entertainment situation, take a step back and decide what you want the mood at your wedding reception to be like.

Do you want your wedding reception to be a very classy affair filled with the sounds of champagne flutes clinking up against one another? Or do you want your wedding reception to be filled with people letting their hair down, kicking off their shoes, and busting moves on the dance floor?

If you want your wedding reception to fall into the first category, hiring harpists, pianists, and/or string quartets for it might be your best bet. But if you’re looking to have a wedding reception that falls into the second category, then a DJ or a live band might be a better fit.

The live entertainment that you bring on board for your wedding reception is going to help dictate the mood of it. Make sure that whichever performers you hire to serve as your wedding reception entertainment are prepared to match the mood that you want.

2. What Is the Crowd Going to Look Like at Your Wedding Reception?

Outside of considering what kind of mood you want to set at your wedding reception with your live entertainment, you should also consider who exactly is going to be at your wedding in the first place. Scan through your guest list to get a sense of how old everyone on it is and what you think they might want to see and hear at your wedding reception.

If you’re going to be catering to an older crowd, a young DJ or a band featuring a bunch of 20-somethings might not be in their wheelhouse. They might not know any of the songs that these performers will play or perform at your wedding reception, which could end up leaving the dance floor empty.

If, on the other hand, your guest list consists of a whole bunch of people who are on the younger side, they may want to hear more than just a collection of harpists playing classical tunes. They’re going to be more in the mood for whatever a DJ or a live band has to offer.

You should, of course, still make sure that you are ultimately going to be happy with your wedding entertainment. It is, after all, your big day. But you should also keep your wedding guests in mind and do what you can to make sure they’ll be plenty entertained by whoever you hire to entertain them.

3. What Would You Consider to Be the Best Wedding Reception Songs?

As you search for live entertainment for your wedding, you should put some real thought into what you would consider to be the best wedding reception songs out there. You should create a long list of songs that you want to hear throughout the duration of your wedding.

Then, you should find the wedding reception entertainment options that are going to be able to perform these songs. Whether you want them to play the hits or play songs that are special to you and your partner, you want to have someone on your side who is going to be up for the challenge of delivering the music you want on your wedding day.

4. How Much of Your Wedding Budget Are You Going to Devote to Your Live Entertainment?

The average couple spends almost $35,000 on their wedding these days. That includes everything from renting a venue for the reception to paying for the wedding flowers.

You’re going to need to create a budget for your wedding and earmark a portion of it for your wedding reception entertainment. But the question is going to be, “How much of our wedding budget should go towards live entertainment?”

It’s all going to depend on how important your wedding entertainment is to you. Only you can decide what you’re going to be willing to spend on a DJ, a live band, jazz musicians, or some other form of live entertainment. You can request quotes for these different types of performers to see what you can expect to spend on them.

5. Do You Want Some Truly Unique Wedding Entertainment?

Is your goal to put your wedding reception entertainment over the top? There are some unique wedding entertainment options available. From comedians to magicians, you can throw a curveball at your wedding guests by bringing in some talent that they might not expect to see.

These kinds of wedding entertainment ideas might be seen as risky to some. But if you hire the right comedian or magician for your wedding reception, it might be a huge hit and have everyone talking about your big day for years to come.

You should at least consider the possibility of hiring more than just a DJ or live band for your wedding reception. It could be enough to take your wedding to the next level.

Hire the Right Wedding Reception Entertainment for Your Special Day

Make sure you think about all the things we’ve discussed here while planning your wedding reception entertainment. By answering the questions that we’ve posed, you should bring yourself one step closer to hiring the right live entertainment option for the occasion.

If you need help making a final decision, Blue Sky Atlanta can tell you more about the DJs, live bands, and other performers that we can provide you with for your special day. We’ll help you find the right fit for your wedding.

Contact us to get your hands on quotes for any of the talented acts that you can book through us.