In 2018, there were over 2.1 million marriages in the US. Are you joining these married couples soon? Congratulations!

However, with this exciting news comes the stress of wedding planning. For example, you might be considering the venue and decor, as well as the different wedding bands for hire.

To help alleviate your stress and anxiety, we’re here to help. Here are 5 things to think about when planning live entertainment for your wedding!

1. Set a Budget Early On

You can do a bunch of research and gather a great shortlist on the bands you’d like, but it’ll all be for nothing if you find out that they’re way out of reach when it comes to your budget.

This advice is solid for your entire wedding planning process because it gives you a clear picture of what you can and can’t afford, right off the bat. So make sure you sit down with your fiance to discuss your overall budget and how much of it you want to allocate to wedding bands.

Once you figure out how approximately how much you can spend on live wedding bands, you’ll have a much easier time selecting ones that are not only excellent, but also fit within your budget.

Considering 60% of American couples underestimate the cost of weddings, setting a reasonable budget early on and sticking to it can be invaluable.

2. Consider Your Venue

The venue you choose for your wedding and reception can heavily influence how well the bands will mesh. For example, getting a heavy metal band won’t really go well with a barnyard wedding (unless that’s what you want, of course).

You should consider how big the dancefloor is, what the lighting will be like, and where the bands will go. This can give you a good idea of what type of wedding bands would be nice for your wedding.

It can also give you a general idea of how big the band can be. Make sure you factor in space for any instruments, especially if they may be large (such as a double bass).

3. It Doesn’t Necessarily Have to Be Regular Bands

When you think of wedding music bands, you probably think of people with guitars, drums, and pianos. This may be great for most brides, but what if you want something more special for your big day?

The fact is, you don’t have to go with regular bands! Some entertainment companies (like Blue Sky Atlanta) provide more than just DJs, bands, guitarists, and vocalists. For example, we can also get you string quartets, harpists, and flutists for your wedding.

With these types of musicians, you can give your wedding the ethereal touch it needs while you walk down the aisle. It’ll truly give it that extra touch that’ll have it stand out in everyone’s memories for years to come.

In addition, you can have all your favorite songs played in a unique way at the reception. 

4. Create a List of Potential Wedding Bands

While you’re doing your research, you might really fall in love with one or two bands. You might have your heart set on hiring them for the big day, but you really need to keep your options open. You never know; if you keep searching, you might find even better bands that are even more affordable!

Go into this with an open mind. Don’t be afraid to create a list of potential bands to play at your wedding. The more, the better, as you’ll be able to better pick and choose groups that check most (if not all) of your requirements.

Something that should influence the bands you choose is what songs they know. If you and your fiance already know what songs you want, especially for your first dance, you need to make sure the band already knows how to play it or are willing to learn.

The bands you pick should be highly accommodating for your special day. Otherwise, you need to cross them off your list.

5. Meet the Bands in Person

Seeing pictures and videos online of bands just doesn’t cut it. These bands may seem like they can generate a lot of hype, but in reality, they had someone shoot skillful shots to make it seem like they’re great crowd-pleasers.

See if they’re having a performance sometime and go scope them out.

Do they engage with the audience? Do they genuinely seem to have a good time and want to please their listeners? Witnessing how they perform says a lot about a band.

Make sure you also speak with them afterward. They should be pleasant, easy to deal with, and willing to listen. If not, then they may not be a good fit for you and might cause issues on your wedding day. 

Use These Tips to Get Great Wedding Bands for Hire

Live entertainment is very important for your big day, so make sure you choose the best wedding bands for hire.

Keep in mind that you’re not limited to just one choice either. While you might want a harpist for your wedding ceremony, you might want some wedding singers at your reception. In that case, you won’t have to choose one or the other; it’s perfectly fine to hire both!

So make your wedding day truly perfect by picking out fantastic live bands for your wedding reception, as well as ones for your ceremony. When everything goes off without a hitch like a fairytale wedding, it’ll be worth all the planning you’ve done to get to that point!

Has your beau just proposed to you recently? Then it’s time to book a wedding band or DJ! Request a quote from us today.