If you’re about to plan your wedding entertainment, you may be feeling a mixture of emotions. Feelings of overwhelm, excitement, and anxiety may spring to mind.

Choosing the perfect wedding entertainment for your big day can be a daunting task, and you may not know where to start. After all, it’s tough choosing entertainment that will not only suit you and your other half but, will also be enjoyed by the rest of the wedding.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. If you’re planning wedding live entertainment, here are five factors to consider.

1. Band or DJ?

When it comes to choosing live wedding entertainment, the first decision you’ll have to make is whether you go for a band or a DJ. Or maybe both?

Some couples prefer a wedding band as guests generally seem to get more involved with a live act. Performers often jump into the crowd of guests to dance with them, evening offering people the mic to belt their lungs out themselves.

Certain bands will even learn your first dance song if they have the skill and if you give them enough notice. This is a beautiful and personal touch to your wedding that will make the moment more special.

However, bands require more breaks so if you’re looking for more consistent entertainment, a DJ may be more suitable.

For the best of both worlds, you can supply a DJ service between the sets of bands so there’s no break in between the music.

2. Does the Wedding Entertainment Play a Range of Material?

When you’re learning how to pick a wedding band or DJ, it’s important to find out if the performer plays a wide range of material.

Your wedding will probably be attended by people from a range of age groups, from newborn babies to pensioners. That means you’ll need a mix of music.

Consider a selection of chart-toppers for the young ones, classic rock for the dads, and some well-known timeless singalongs for everyone else. Most wedding bands especially will have years of experience playing for weddings under their belt, so will understand which types of songs will perform better with a certain type of audience.

The wedding band setlist will have been played and tested at many weddings, so if you’re flexible with songs it’s a good idea to put some faith into your band’s ideas. After all, they have experience.

That said, you should also pick and choose your favorite tunes from their setlist. If there are some songs that you both love, speak to the band to make sure they play them at the wedding. Some bands even permit couples to design their very own customized setlist, allowing you to scan through their repertoire and select the songs you’d like to hear on the big day.

As mentioned, many bands offer to learn at least one song they don’t already play. This could be your first dance song and perhaps one other. Remember to offer plenty of notice so that they have time to practice and perfect it ready for your wedding.

3. Will Your Guests Like the Entertainment?

It may feel like it, but remember your wedding day isn’t just about you, the couple. It’s about your guests too.

We touched on this earlier, but don’t forget about the people who will be attending your wedding. It’s unlikely that all your guests will be around the same age, so a complementary mix of music genres is crucial.

However, if you generally know that most people would prefer a band to a DJ, or that most of the crowd will be a certain age, these are things to consider too.

For example, if most people are younger, you might like to go for an act that will play modern dance or chart songs. Older crowd? Then perhaps a jazz or swing band will be more appreciated.

4. What’s Your Budget?

When choosing wedding live entertainment, it’s important to consider what you can afford.

Depending on certain factors, acts like bands can charge anything from $600 – $2,500+.

How far will the act have to travel? How many musicians are in the act? What’s the quality of the band or DJ?

Is accommodation included or will they have to factor that into the price?

If you’re short on cash, duos or solo acts are more affordable but can be as entertaining as bigger bands.

5. What’s the Reputation of the Act?

Nobody wants to hire a wedding band or DJ for their wedding that isn’t great. So, it’s important to conduct some research and watch some videos of their performances. If you can watch them live, even better.

How was the audience’s reaction to them? If they were clapping and dancing along to each song, obviously this is a good sign as this is what you’d like at your wedding.

If there are any review pages on the act, these are good to check out too. Have a read through them and check the feedback people have left for them.

Planning Wedding Live Entertainment for the Big Day

We understand that planning wedding live entertainment for the big day is a huge job and one that you’ll want to get right.

We hope with our tips you’ll feel better prepared for choosing wedding entertainment that’s perfect for you and your other half.

If you’re looking for a band or DJ for your wedding day in Atlanta, we’re here to help. Discover our live music bands, DJs, and more here.