Are you getting ready to plan a big party or event? If so, you’re probably stressing out over how to ensure your guests have a great time. The last thing you want is bored guests looking for the best opportunity to sneak out of the party unnoticed.

As the party planner, you have the responsibility of keeping your guests happy and entertained, but that doesn’t mean you have to do the entertaining. You can use party entertainment ideas that will leave your guests in awe and wanting the party to continue all night long.

Keep reading for the best ideas for party entertainment so you and your guests can have the best night ever.

1. Cover Band

You might not be able to bring back Freddie Mercury and hire Queen for your event, but you can hire a Queen cover band to perform all their greatest hits! 

If you want to provide your guests with some live music and you also want the band to perform songs everyone will know, your best bet is a tribute or cover band. This is a great option if you know your guests all enjoy similar types of music or are particularly into a specific band.

Your guests will be thrilled that you hired live musicians and will have the time of their lives singing and dancing to popular songs all night.

2. Expert DJ

The most popular form of party entertainment is hiring a professional DJ, and for good reason! DJs will play all the biggest hits and will cater their playlist to the crowd they’re playing to. 

DJs can also read crowds really well and can adjust what music they’re playing based on the crowd’s mood and energy level. They have access to tons of genres and eras of music so there will be a little bit of everything for people to enjoy.

Guests will be able to put in requests to the DJ so they can hear all the songs they want to hear at your party.

Having a DJ takes a ton of pressure off of you because you won’t have to worry about the music being played or spend time putting together a playlist on your own. Leave the DJing to the professionals so your guests have a wonderful time.

3. Magician

Do you want to provide a unique experience that your guests will never forget? Consider hiring a magician for your party to entertain everyone!

Magicians are a great addition because everyone can enjoy them, from kids to senior citizens. Guests can just sit back and enjoy the show or they can get involved through interactive acts with the magician.

You can also hire a magician in conjunction with live music or a DJ. That way people will have a variety of entertainment options and when they get tired of dancing, they can just relax and enjoy the magician’s act.

4. Comedian

If you want your party to be lighthearted and full of laughter, there’s no better entertainer than a comedian. 

You can have the comedian do stand-up at specified times, such as one ten-minute act per hour. It’s a great way to provide a unique variety of entertainment for your guests.

5. Live Painting

Bring in some creativity and artistry by hiring a live painting artist for your event. This is an incredible way to make your event unique while also supporting local artists. 

During a live painting session, your hired artist will begin painting something at the start of the event and will complete it by the end. Generally, the artist will be inspired by the music being played or the guests in attendance and will create an entirely unique piece of artwork that can be auctioned off or sold at the end of the event.

6. Local Musicians

If you want live music but aren’t interested in tribute or cover bands, consider hiring local musicians to play their own music! You can hire one act or have a lineup of local acts to perform throughout the day or evening. 

Some ideas for local musicians you can hire include:

  • Rock or alternative bands
  • Singer/Songwriters 
  • Jazz bands
  • Pianists

If you have a long event, consider hiring a few acts from different genres to provide more variety for guests. By hiring local artists, not only will you get unique music all night, but you’ll be supporting local artists too.

7. Bring in the Casino

If you want to throw the ultimate party or event, you should have a casino table going with professional dealers.

Casino parties are suitable for a number of parties and events, including:

  • Charity events
  • Employee or client appreciation
  • Birthdays
  • Holiday parties
  • And much more!

You can have your guests “cash-out” for different prizes and have all the proceeds go towards a charity of your choosing.

Try These Party Entertainment Ideas for Your Next Event!

Hosting an event can be stressful because you’re constantly worried if your guests are having a good time. Instead of trying to entertain them yourself, consider using one of these party entertainment ideas. Not only will your guests enjoy the entertainment, but you can actually have fun yourself instead of stressing out the whole time.

Are you ready to host an event that your guests will be buzzing about for weeks (or years) to come?

Contact us today to learn more about our music and entertainment options. From DJs and tribute bands to casino parties, we’ve got you covered!