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7 Reasons to Choose a Jazz Band for Your Wedding

A group of saxophone players

There's just something about jazz music. Between the rhythm and the instruments, the soul and the sound, a jazz band has an undeniable appeal. When you hear a familiar standard drifting in the air, you can't help but tap your toes along. 

If you're looking for wedding entertainment, then a jazz band is an ideal fit. Today, we're sharing seven reasons why it's smart to hire one to help commemorate your big day. 

1. Universality

It goes without saying that some music can be polarizing. You might think a particular genre sounds great, but someone else may beg to differ. A wedding is a prime example of different perspectives, attitudes, and belief systems all melding together.

Ultimately, it's your special day and you should lead with your preferences, as well as your partner's. However, the right band can keep everyone on the dance floor, having a great time. When you want an entertainer that everyone can enjoy, a jazz band strikes the perfect balance. 

2. Scale

Looking for a wedding jazz band? In your research, you'll find that there isn't a one-size-fits-all type of group! Today, you can find jazz entertainers that are perfect for any size celebration, from an intimate gathering to an all-out extravaganza. 

Let the venue you're eyeing be your guide when you're ready to start exploring your options. For instance, a smaller group like the Moonlight Jazz Trio would sound great in a cozier venue, like the Primrose Cottage. 

On the other hand, you might be eyeing a larger space for your reception. What about a ballroom at the Atlanta Athletic Club or the InterContinental Hotel? If this is more your style, then you need a jazz band that can fill the space beautifully. In that case, check out an act like the Prime Time Jazz Band.

3. Danceable Beats

Few entertainers are appearing enough to get your teenage cousin, toddler nephew, and your elderly great-aunt all out on the dance floor. If you want your guests to enjoy themselves to the fullest, you need lively and catchy music they can jive to.

Enter, jazz. 

From the Callanwolde Fine Arts Center to the St. Regis Hotel, a jazz ensemble is a natural fit for any venue, and is sure to get the party started! Though many bands will play their own sets of originals, there are usually more than a few familiar favorites that will get everyone tapping their toes!

4. Upbeat Atmosphere

Even the most formal, upscale wedding can benefit from a lighthearted and jovial atmosphere. Your wedding day should be the ultimate celebration, and a jazz band can help you ring it in as such! 

While guests are still mingling during cocktail hour, a jazz trio can play soft standards, injecting just enough vibe into the space to get the room buzzing. Then, when it's time to announce the bride and groom and cue up those special songs, they'll shift into place and turn up the energy. 

Plus, they also possess an uncanny ability to pivot on a time. Jazz bands flow effortlessly between high-speed tangos and warm, slow waltzes. This keeps the mood from getting stale and makes sure no one gets bored!

5. Family-Friendly

Sure, there are some party jams that can totally rock your venue. However, not all of these tunes are decidedly family-friendly. Wedding music is meant to be enjoyed, and should never leave a parent scrambling to cover their child's ears. 

When you book a jazz band for your wedding, you can breathe a deep sigh of relief. Not only is the music fun and energetic, but it's also clean! This means you won't run the risk of encountering anything cringe-worthy. 

6. Effortless Song Selection

In the weeks and months leading up to your big day, you shouldn't be inundated with small tasks that take up a ton of your time. Your reception song selection is one of them.

While you obviously want a playlist of music that speaks to you, it can be tedious to choose an entire set list for any band to follow. When you partner with a wedding jazz band, that step is already taken care of for you. 

These professionals will already know some of the most beloved tracks to play. They'll also work with you to understand your vision for your big day, including any special music you want to hear. Then, they'll work with you to turn that vision into reality. 

7. Constant Professionalism 

The entertainment that you hire for your wedding matters. While you might be able to hire your cousin's garage band for a steal, consider the effects that an unpolished group could have on your day. 

When you team with a local jazz band, you can rest assured that you're bringing a group of consummate professionals on board. These musicians aren't just great at what they do, but they're polished and focused. 

Planning a ritzy gala at The Peachtree Club? What about an elite affair at The Grand Hyatt? Either way, a jazz performer offers the right level of sophistication, expertise, and old-school glamour that the event requires. 

Hire an Atlanta Jazz Band Today

At Blue Sky Atlanta, we know that you have many different options when it comes to your wedding entertainment. We also know that not every band is created equal, and it pays to know your options. 

When you're ready to hire an incredible local jazz band, we're here to help. We can connect you with some of the top acts in the city, locally renowned for their talent and performance. Get in touch with us today to get started!