The right wedding DJ could make or break your wedding. After all, a DJ isn’t just someone who plays at your wedding reception. They’re someone who guides and flows the night, entertaining your guests.

A great wedding DJ isn’t just incredibly talented in a variety of skills. They also know how to read a crowd, boost the energy of a room, and keep a party going.

If you’re in the process of picking a DJ for your wedding, we’re here to help. Here are the seven signs you’ve found the right wedding DJ.

1. You’ve Seen Them Play Before

One of the best signs that you’re hiring a great wedding DJ is that you’ve seen and heard them play before. Try to think back to an awesome wedding you attended where everybody had a great time and were on their feet. Being able to trigger an experience to help you make a decision works well.

If you’ve already seen an amazing DJ play at an event, it cuts out all the long and tiring work. Contact the bride and groom from the wedding you attended and get the DJs information.

2. They Listen to You

An excellent wedding DJ will listen to your wants and needs. They understand that your wedding is one of the most special days of your life, and you feel that you can trust them to make it amazing.

A great wedding DJ will ask you questions if there’s something they don’t understand and will try their best to make sure they can make your wedding DJ dreams come true.

3. They’re Professional

If a wedding DJ appears professional in all manners, this is a great sign. At your wedding, you should expect your DJ to be smart and well-groomed, as well as relaxed and in control of any situations arising to their role.

A wedding DJ shouldn’t drink during the wedding ceremony or engage in any unsuitable or inappropriate behavior with your guests or anyone else. If anything goes wrong, a good wedding DJ should have enough experience to avoid any wedding disasters and act accordingly.

4. They’re Invested

When you’re scouting for a wedding DJ, remember that you’re not looking for a hobbyist. You’re looking for someone who’s invested in their job as a DJ and is willing to invest time and effort into your wedding.

Invested wedding DJs tend to perform best because not only do they want to provide an excellent service, but they have a reputation to look after. Any wedding DJ that cares about their reputation knows that a bad performance can destroy their reputation and affect their business.

5. They Have Experience

A sure-fire way to ensure you’ve found a great DJ is to make sure they have plenty of experience with weddings. Wedding DJs with plenty of experience behind their belt are prepared for any mishaps or issues a wedding day may present to them.

After all, wedding days often have surprises and shocks thrown into the mix. Those with experience can anticipate and act accordingly for any situation, allowing your wedding day to flow well without any problems. The last thing you want is a DJ who is stuck if something goes wrong.

Plus, a long-time wedding DJ will know what to do if there aren’t many people on the dancefloor and how to energize a crowd. An experienced wedding DJ knows how to read a group and is flexible.

6. They Think Outside the Box

A good DJ is also creative, as well as experienced. After all, different crowds react to different types of performances.

Try asking your DJ, ‘what will do you, apart from play music, that will make my wedding reception incredible?

The answer is essential; otherwise, you could put on a Spotify playlist of your favorite songs.

For example, some DJs bring props to add character and fun to the event. Your wedding is a big deal, and often couples want the reception to have sky-high energy so that guests will rave about it and remember it for years to come. Props always go down well, and guests love them.

7. They Keep the Party Going

Often, a DJ is judged on the number of people boogying on the dance floor. An excellent DJ knows how to work the room. They’ll play the right types of music for their audience and will have different tricks and ideas ready to ensure that there’s no downtime or quiet moments.

Most couples want the dance floor to remain packed until the end up the night, with friends and family begging for more music from the DJ. A good wedding DJ knows that it’s up to them to keep the dance floor jam-packed and in high spirits.

A true professional is consistently reading the room, making the right tweaks and changes to the music to ensure that the dance floor remains packed.

Are You Still Looking for the Right Wedding DJ?

If you’re still looking for the right wedding DJ, make sure that you check these seven signs to ensure that they’re professional, reliable, and creative. An excellent wedding DJ will go the extra mile to ensure that your wedding ceremony is special and that nobody leaves without sore feet after a memorable night of dancing.

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