You’ve planned the menu, put together the guest list, and booked the venue for your special occasion or event. Now all you need is some amazing entertainment!

Good DJs provide your guests with great entertainment. And the opportunity for endless fun, great music, and unlimited dancing for your special party.

They rock the house for the birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, family occasions, and the corporate events you want to celebrate.

But before you pick a DJ out of the phone book or on Google, know that not all DJs are created equal. Good DJs have some skills and abilities they need to master.

In this post, you’ll discover seven skills to look for when hiring an expert DJ to keep your guests energized, entertained, and dancing into the evening.

Let’s dive right in!

1. Live for the Music

Good DJs worth their salt should be obsessed with music. They need to know multiple music genres over many decades, not just the one they grew up in.

It’s good if they know hip-hop and popular music, but they should also know music from many generations, like Motown, jazz, rock, new wave, house music, and more.

2. Good DJs Know How to Master MIDI Controllers

While turntables and vinyl are what DJs have used in the past, it’s important for your DJ to know the most modern equipment. They need to know it all to create the best musical environment your guests will love.

Today, DJs should be a master of MIDI controllers and know how to use them with panache. After all, they need them to design live and dynamic remixes that rock the house.

A DJ that knows how to think up multi-layer remixes uses their creativity and stands out from less experienced DJs. The difference can be noticed!

3. Be Music Producers

Remixes of just two songs don’t work like they used to with the goal of getting an audience moving and off their seats.

Today DJs should be talented in mash-ups and remixes. They should also be knowledgeable of and play newly produced tracks in a variety of ways. To be top-notch, your DJ should be a music producer.

They can use different software like Pro Tools, Audition and Audacity to produce and remix their own songs. Just playing a song straight doesn’t say much about a DJ’s talent anymore.

4. Know Special Effect Techniques

Special effects liven up a show. And there’s nothing more exciting than a DJ that can pump up the sound system using outrageous special effect techniques.

Some of these techniques include frequency and volume controls, reverb, and echo.

While most of the electronic music is focused on digital components using software and gear, good DJs know to modify and adapt the tools to create a unique, original sound.

Good DJs always use the mixer in new ways and try new techniques to raise the bar.

5. Put Their Ego Aside

Aside from talent, good DJs should have humility. They’re there to serve you, their audience, not their musical interests. If a DJ talks about playing a type of music and is inflexible, it’s a good idea to move on to someone else.

DJs should listen to your requests and be agreeable to play the kind of tunes you and your party wants to hear. They need to be humble, out to please the crowd with the goal of leaving their musical tastes and preferences behind.

They can be the most talented DJ in Atlanta. But if they aren’t easy to work with and concerned with making your event a success, they’re just not worth it.

If they start trashing your musical tastes without having respect for your preferences, that’s a bad sign. You want a pro to delight the crowd as well as possess musical talent.

6. Know a Variety of DJ Software

Music professionals use several software options when they’re performing. Your DJ should be knowledgeable about using the newest and greatest tools around.

These software platforms are reliable tools in the field and make the listening experience so much better.

Here are some of the platforms:

Rekordbox: This software platform enables DJs to play songs right from a computer after organizing a playlist. Rekordbox also requires hardware that’s compatible.

Traktor Pro: This is top-shelf DJ software that lets DJs play great melodies from a device.

Serato DJ Pro: This is considered the best and hottest software on the market. Make sure your DJ uses the Pro mode, not the free practice mode.

While these are some amazing platforms, it’s how the DJ manipulates them that matters.

7. Knowing How to Get the Party Started

DJs bring life to the party. They know how to rouse a crowd and get them dancing. It doesn’t matter whether they’re playing hip-hop or house, rock or reggae, or dance or dubstep.

Hiring a DJ can be one of the most important decisions of your event. After the food is served and guests run out of stories to tell at their table, the music is the key to getting the party started—and keeping it going.

Good DJs will get you going until it’s time to pack up and drive home or go to the after-party when the venue closes down.

They introduce new, creative forms of mixes and music to the performance stage and the dancefloor. 

Good DJs can help your party celebrate your occasion and forget about the mundane stresses and daily routines that they want to take a break from.

Why not give your guests the time of their lives at your special occasion that they’ll remember years after your event?

The Takeaway on Good DJs

Now you know seven skills that make good DJs. Choosing the right DJ will make your event memorable and the talk of the town.

Are you looking for a master DJ in the Atlanta area for a special event or important occasion? Contact Blue Sky Atlanta today for the ultimate dance party!