Do you want to take your upcoming birthday party to the next level? One of the best ways to do it is by incorporating live entertainment into the mix.

In some cases, that might mean hiring a band to play all your favorite songs. In others, it might mean bringing a DJ on board to play the right music to keep the party going all night long for you and your guests.

These days, you have lots of options for music when planning a birthday party. But the fact of the matter is that you really can’t beat live entertainment! It’s why you should hire local musicians for the occasion.

You should also consider going with live entertainment for a wide range of other events. Regardless of what kind of event you might be planning, it can likely benefit from live entertainment in a big way.

Outside of birthday parties, here are seven other special events that can benefit from live entertainment.

1. Weddings

Every year, there are more than 2 million American couples that get married. Many of them throw large wedding receptions to celebrate their big days.

If you and your significant other are going to be tying the knot sometime soon, you should come up with a live entertainment budget for your reception. You’re 100% going to want to have a live band playing for you and any number of guests.

From the second that a band begins playing at your wedding reception, you’ll be able to kick off your shoes and have the time of your life. A good wedding band will get everyone up on their feet by playing a good mix of the classics as well as some select tracks chosen by the happy couple.

2. Anniversaries

Happy couples obviously do a lot of celebrating on their wedding days. But that shouldn’t be the only time when they celebrate their love for one another in front of the world.

Every five or ten years, couples should also take part in anniversary parties designed to celebrate their love again (and again!). These parties should have live entertainment at them that makes people feel like they’re at a couple’s wedding for a second (or third!) time.

Live entertainment is always going to be a natural fit for the celebrations involved with weddings and anniversaries.

3. Corporate Events

When you hear the words “corporate events,” you might automatically think about stuffy affairs that aren’t much fun at all. That’s what comes to mind for many people when they think about the parties thrown by most companies.

If you want to avoid having your next corporate event fall into this category, you should strongly consider adding some live entertainment to it. You can liven up any party, including corporate events, with the right live band.

Who knows? You might even get a couple of the bigwigs at your company to loosen up and hit the dancefloor for a few songs. Live entertainment tends to have that effect on people.

4. Fundraisers

Much like corporate events, fundraisers have earned a little bit of a reputation for being too fancy for their own good. People aren’t usually able to find the “fun” in fundraisers when they’re attending one.

As a result, fundraisers aren’t always as successful as they could and should be. People are a lot less likely to make sizeable donations when they’re not having a great time.

You can give your fundraiser every opportunity to succeed by arranging to have live entertainment at it. Your organization will make a much better impression on people—and hopefully, bring in more donations from them—when you provide them with something that will instantly put smiles on their faces.

5. School Events

Is your school getting ready to hold some kind of special event?

Maybe you’re going to host a benefit to raise funds for the kids who attend it. Or maybe you’re going to hold a dance for the kids or even something like a prom.

Whatever the case might be, live entertainment will work great for any event that’s being thrown by a school. By working with the right live entertainment company, you can track down a band that will be fantastic for those of all ages.

6. Holiday Parties

In theory, it might not seem as though it would take much to get people excited about attending a holiday party. The holiday season is, after all, the most wonderful time of the year, which means people don’t need much motivation to show up for a party.

But if the entertainment at your holiday party is lacking, it’s going to leave a lot of people saying, “Bah humbug.” You can make sure that doesn’t happen by hiring live entertainment to put everyone at your holiday party into a more festive mood.

7. Assisted Living Celebrations

There are almost 30,000 assisted living facilities scattered throughout the country right now. More than 800,000 Americans live in them.

To set themselves apart from the pack and to raise the spirits of their residents, many of the assisted living facilities in the U.S. have started to hold dance parties and other celebrations. They can be very beneficial to the physical and mental health of those in assisted living facilities.

You might be able to get away with playing music over a stereo system for these celebrations. But every now and then, why not go all out for one with live entertainment? It’ll get people moving and grooving all over the dancefloor.

Arrange to Have Live Entertainment at Any of These Special Events

As you’ve seen here, you can incorporate live entertainment into a number of different special events. In fact, you can incorporate it into almost any special event you want nowadays.

Interested in finding out how you can do it? We can help you book a live entertainer today after walking you through some of the options that we can offer to you.

Request more information on the live bands that we work with and get your hands on a quote today to see just how affordable live entertainment can be.