The history of the piano dates back to right around 1700 when it was invented in the court of Grand Prince Ferdinando de Medici in Florence by Bartolomeo Cristofori. Since then, it’s been a key instrument used to entertain the likes of kings, queens, presidents, students, pub and cafe-goers, concert attendees, and anyone that wants to listen to music.

And pianists for hire have made magic at the keys at all sorts of galas, weddings, parties, and other events as well as in living rooms, bars, and concert halls around the world.

Elton John was a pianist for hire at the wedding for the granddaughter of Russian oligarch Valery Kogan, while Lady Gaga played the black and whites at a wedding for the daughter of an energy tycoon at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles where the Academy Awards are held. So, people are willing to spend millions for a wedding pianist because they know what they’re going to get—an amazing show and entertainment.

The good news is that you don’t need to spend millions to hire a fantastic piano player and enjoy the many benefits of having a piano accompanist on the spot. 

Keep reading to learn eight reasons for having a piano player at your function. Then, step out to hear some players near you and find a great fit for your event.

1. Hear the Songs You Love

You’ve been working diligently planning your wedding. You picked the flowers, the colors, the cake. You thought about everything, and you know what you want, down to the very last song…and the first song, and the father-bride dance. 

Your pianist for hire will play the songs you want. And the pianist will play them with the emotion and energy that will bring tears of joy to everyone’s eyes.

In other words, a professional pianist will give you flexibility. Just be sure to communicate clearly and well enough in advance so that you can get on the same page.

Also, this will give the piano player the time to brush up on tunes or learn a new song or two. Be sure to discuss the cost if they need to prepare anything in advance.

2. Get Advice on Great Songs for Your Event

If you don’t know yet exactly what you want to hear, a professional piano player can help you find the ideal songs that will make your event jump, swing, and pop.

Through years of experience, piano players for hire know what works and what doesn’t at a variety of events and venues. A wedding pianist can tell you which songs people dance to and which ones they cry to. A jazz player can tell you what works at a swanky, hipster or refined, elegant event. And almost all can cross over and help you come up with a stellar playlist to keep everyone happy.

Let your piano player open your mind to a variety of piano styles too, like ragtime piano music, classical piano, boogie-woogie, country, blues, and even music theater pieces. Let your mind and ears be opened to some great new songs.

3. Add Class, Style, and Character to Your Wedding or Other Event

A wedding pianist can play during your ceremony, during dinner, and even for certain dances in addition to a DJ. Having a person at the keyboard bumps your special day up a notch.

It’s elegant. It’s refined. And it brings that added human touch of a real artist—emotion. 

Actually, it can be wild and fun too if you choose more upbeat songs. A professional can make any style of music classy.

4. Get a One-Person Band 

Most professional piano players for hire don’t just play the black and whites; they sing too. Often, they’ll talk to the audience too if you want and tell stories.

The right person might even be a bit of an MC. 

5. Make the Evening Run Smoothly

Piano players are entertainers. They’re good with people. They can help you keep the event on schedule.

For example, you can coordinate the timing of songs and the pianist can let people know when it’s time to move on to dinner or when the bride is ready to throw the bouquet. They can introduce someone making a toast or a guest speaker if it’s a professional function.

6. Get an Affordable Class Act

You don’t have to spend millions like the oligarch and tycoon to get the entertainment you want for your wedding or other events. There are so many terrific musicians out there and right here in Atlanta that are likely to be able to play “Levon” or “Shallow” in style.

Your pianist can dress the part to fit your venue—tux, tails, bowler, or jazz hat anyone? And most piano players for hire can bring a keyboard if your venue doesn’t have a piano on the spot.

You can also go out and hire a grand if the venue can hold it. Your piano player is likely to be over the moon.

7. Enjoy the Ambiance

Your event piano player can steal the show, be the show, or simply blend into the background and create a wonderful ambiance that really sets the tone for your event. Again, this is something to plan with your pianist ahead of time, and you can create different moods and tones for different parts of the evening.

You can either work with your piano player or ask them to develop a plan. If you have a wedding planner or event planner, be sure to get her or him on the team.

8. Enjoy the Music

When you’re planning your event, you often get so caught up in all the details. You just want it to be perfect and for everyone to have a fabulous time. And sometimes, you forget that you’ll be there too to enjoy the evening. 

But this is for you too! Your piano player will be there to make gorgeous music that you can relish in the moment. 

Your professional piano player is just that: a professional. They will entertain you and play sounds that you’ll remember long after the event. So, be sure to stay in the moment.

The Best Pianist for Hire for You

Now that you know some of the great reasons to have a piano player at your next function, you’re ready to find the right pianist for hire for you. And we’re here to help!

With over two decades of experience bringing great piano tunes to weddings and all kinds of events in the Atlanta area, we know how to find the piano player that will entertain your guests and play all the right songs.

To start, please give us a call so we can answer any questions and get to know what you’re looking for!