“How on earth did he do that?”… “I have never been this close to a sleight-of-hand magician before!” … “This guy is awesome!”…  These are the types of comments you are likely to hear from your guests the next time that you ask an Atlanta Magician for  hire to perform for your next private party or corporate special event. The cunning dexterity of a magician may very well dazzle even the most timid in the audience.  And, it doesn’t have to be a “show” per se but a seamless part of the event.  In fact, you will wonder what it would’ve have been like had you not included such a wonderful attraction to thrill your guests.

Have cards will travel… Our magicians literally travel all over the country to resorts and country clubs for golf member guest weekends, awards banquets, retirement dinners and corporate fund raisers.  Logos on golf balls and corporate slogans on some of the props they use is also possible to insure to that your guests stay engaged.  At one corporate magic event held in Virginia last fall, we actually were asked by a Virginia corporate meeting planner to ask two Atlanta corporate magicians to go up there and mesmerize her client’s outdoor cocktail party for 2 hours before guests went inside to enjoy a great dinner.

Pictured above is one of Atlanta’s finest magicians.  Kevin, magician and Jester was featured in Sports Illustrated special golf supplement last summer.  The Jester shows up with his props for his walk around act and his golf clubs are not far behind.  The Jester is a gifted golfer as well as a nearly peerless magician.  You see he plays to a 3 handicap! He travels and performs from one end of the country to the other every year bringing delightful humor and prowess on the links for all to enjoy.  Meeting and party planners love the way he can easily fit into any golf situation – be it an awards banquet or the U.S. Open.

Although the words hocus pocus, we find, are nothing short of a corruption of sacred liturgy dating back to King James, those words are nevertheless inextricably tied to the art of magic down through the ages.  Arguably the likes of Doug Henning and Harry Blackstone, Sr were two of the best magicians of all time.  Notably, we have several wonderfully skilled magicians Atlanta magicians to delight your audiences.  Magicians are skilled promoters.  Give them a short script or talking points to incorporate into their act seamlessly.

You will want to consider this form of entertainment for your next Atlanta Convention booth attraction.  Your company’s logo and script will easily become part of his patter.  They will help you attract new business opportunities.  Magicians will make  indelible impressions on your visitors and your business opportunities will grow as a result.  For more exotic events, we can include trained birds and fire breathing!

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