Would you like to bring in a special entertainer to keep everyone at a cocktail party, a birthday party or even a New Year’s Eve celebration entertained? There are plenty of options for you to choose from.

You can hire a comedian, an impersonator, or a caricaturist to delight the audience at your next event. But you can also bring one of the best magicians in Atlanta on board in order to make your event more, well, magical than it would be otherwise.

Does this sound like something that would interest you? If so, you shouldn’t hire just any old magician to come in and put on a show for the guests in attendance at your event.

Instead, you should hire the best of the best so that you know they’ll put on an absolutely amazing show from start to finish. Here are some of the very best magicians in the South.

Robert Freeman (AKA “The Jolly Jester”)

There are some magicians that specialize in serving as an opening act of sorts during events. They’ll put on a great show for people when they take the stage, but they won’t necessarily be strong enough to serve as the show when you hire them to perform at an event.

You won’t have to worry about running into this problem when you hire Robert Freeman, who goes by the stage name The Jolly Jester, to entertain the people who show up for your event. He’s one of the best magicians in Atlanta when it comes to putting on a complete cabaret-style show from start to finish.

The sleight of hand magic tricks that The Jolly Jester is able to pull off are obviously second to none. But he also takes his magic act to the next level by getting the audience involved throughout the course of his show.

From calling volunteers up on stage to help him perform certain magic tricks to asking people to gather around him during the “Close-Up Magical Conjuring” portion of his show, he’ll ensure everyone has a great time watching him.

As an added bonus, The Jolly Jester is also an avid golfer in his free time. This makes him a huge hit when people hire him to put on his act at charity golf outings, corporate events held at golf courses, and other golf-related events.

Dan Garrett

Dan Garrett is so much more than just one of the best magicians for hire in Atlanta. He also wears a lot of other hats and works as a speaker, a mentalist, a humorist, an author, and a psychic entertainer.

But Garrett is a comedian at heart—and a great comedian at that. He discovered magic at the age of 10 and has been perfecting his act ever since, which is why he’s one of the best magicians Atlanta has ever seen.

Over the years, Garrett has performed at a wide range of events, including weddings, corporate events, banquets, graduations, and more. He can provide you and your guests with world-class sleight of hand magic while also working some psychic entertainment into the mix if you would like.

Howie Marmer (AKA “Howie the Great”)

Howie Marmer has been captivating audiences since long before he started using the stage name Howie the Great. He actually took the stage for his very first professional show at the ripe old age of just 8. It’s why he’s able to put on one of the most polished magic shows around for those looking for the best magicians in Georgia.

Now a career magician, Howie the Great is a masterful sleight of hand magician who has wowed people time and time again during all kinds of different events. He has been asked to perform at:

  • Comedy clubs
  • Corporate events
  • NBA halftime shows
  • Summer camps
  • Wedding
  • Birthday parties
  • And almost any other kind of event that you can possibly think of

Bottom line: Howie the Great is even better than his name would suggest. You won’t regret booking him for an event in the near future.

Bill Clary

There aren’t very magicians who can say that they’ve performed for kings and queens, presidents, and more celebrities than we could possibly even count. But Bill Clary has.

Throughout his illustrious career, Clary has lived a life that even Atlanta’s best magicians could only dream of. He has taken part in more than 20,000 magic shows while bringing his act to 17 countries. He has also rubbed elbows with the likes of Clint Eastwood, Muhammad Ali, Chuck Norris, and more while entertaining.

All of this has helped him secure a variety of awards over time. This includes the prestigious Georgia Magic Club “Magician of the Year” award as well as the President’s award for “Outstanding Achievement in the Magical Arts.”

But make no mistake about it: None of this has made Clary content. He continues to push the boundaries on stage in an effort to keep audiences on the edges of their seats and to ensure their entertainment at all times.

Aaron Clark (AKA “The Amazing Ziggy”)

With a stage name like The Amazing Ziggy, you just know that Aaron Clark has to have something special up his sleeves when he gets in front of a crowd, right? And does he ever.

The Amazing Ziggy has more than 20 years worth of experience with regards to performing sleight of hand magic tricks in front of audiences. He also specializes in a handful of other types of magic that are guaranteed to get any party going.

You can rely on The Amazing Ziggy to wow those at your event with:

No matter how big or small your event might be, The Amazing Ziggy will live up to his name. He’s performed at everything from schools and nursing homes to theme parks and corporate events for Fortune 500 companies.

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