Planning a corporate event in Atlanta? Here are some tips that can help you throw a fantastic company party.


1. Pick the perfect venue for your Atlanta corporate event. Atlanta is a beautiful city with a great climate so before you choose the venue for your event check out local parks and other outdoor venues that can save your company money while getting everyone out of the stuffy office.



2. Line up local music. Blue Sky Atlanta Music & Entertainment can help you find a band that reflects the company’s mood and that will be fun to listen to throughout mingling and networking. This can be a soft jazz band, beach dance band, or a one-person band. Just make sure that the band is up-tempo and entertaining.

3. Make sure the food is fantastic. Most people think of a corporate event and assume it will be stuffy boring and bland. But if you make sure the food is delicious you will have an exciting conversation starter for your guests. And at any corporate event in Atlanta there are high expectations for the food.

4. If you plan an outdoor event choose the food accordingly. Our last tip encouraged you to choose good food, but you can also choose your vendors according to the climate. If your corporate event in Atlanta is going to be a big event than you need to have plenty of options like BBQ, outdoor grilled food, and food-truck vendors, all with plenty of staff available.

5. Don’t forget the drinks. Corporate events generally allow some alcoholic beverages to be served, so check with the company first and if they give you the green light make sure there are plenty of bartenders and servers available for your guests. The last thing you want is for the event to run out of alcohol halfway through it.

6. Decorations. There really isn’t a need to go overkill on decorations but some are necessary. You want guests to be invited into the space for the event so go over some small flower arrangements and lighting ideas with an event coordinator prior to the event.

7. Get a final head count. You want your event to be fun and exciting for everyone who attends but you can’t rightly do that if you don’t know how many people will show up. So make sure and get close to actual number of how many people will attend your corporate event in Atlanta.

8. Door prizes. Depending on what type of company you work for giving away small door prizes or perhaps even larger tech gadgets that can be awarded to the employee of the month or just a random drawing. Either way it will encourage people to come to your Atlanta corporate event and have a good time while they are there.

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