This is part three of a series of questions and answers regarding live Atlanta wedding bands.

Q. What’s the advantage of working with a talent booking agent versus going directly to a band?

A. A music booking agent who is also a working performer  is a huge advantage working for and assisting wedding and corporate clients. It is prudent to ask about their background,  knowledge and experience and can they provide true value and superior quality saving you, with already so much to think about, valuable time as well as treasure.   He will know what questions to ask and how to streamline the process from start to finish.

We call our services “concierge” because taken literally, it means doorkeeper or representative to the owner.  In other words, we’ve “got your back!”   We take every call and treat it and the wedding event as if it were my own. some of the things you want to have in mind is location, times  of the event start and finish and what types of music you want played and even some that you do not want!

A talent booking agent really comes in handy especially last minute.  I don’t know how many times I have taken calls from brides frantic at the last minute scrambling for a last minute musical idea.  And, ultimately, we pull a rabbit out of a hat and save the day.  I always imagine what we could have done with several months to plan ahead!

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