Are you looking to tie the knot sometime next year? With the ongoing pandemic, the wedding industry in the United States is taking a major hit. You can imagine the difficulty due to the different social distancing protocols. There are also travel restrictions that might make it impossible for some guests to attend.

Despite a gloomy outlook, it doesn’t mean things will be like this forever. 

It’s the perfect time to up the ante in terms of your preparations. And when it comes to a wedding or big event preps, hiring party bands is a must.

But enjoying some live entertainment also requires careful planning. You need to pick the right elements that will create the perfect mood for the event. 

Continue reading below for a breakdown of what you may need during your wedding reception or private party.

The Live Party Bands

Whether it’s a wedding, a birthday, or any other milestone, hiring live entertainers will certainly set the tone for the rest of the night. For starters, live party bands can energize the crowd. You can expect a good band to play some of the latest tunes.

Also, you can have them play older tunes. This is important since some relatives and friends belong to an older generation. Hearing some of the famous songs during their time will warm their hearts.

You can also expect a live band to switch the mood depending on the flow of the celebration. At weddings, there are portions where people give their well-wishes to the newlyweds.

During these moments, a live band can tone down the music and play something heartwarming. They can turn these moments into more memorable ones by playing some of the best wedding reception songs.

But best of all, a live band can play all sorts of music that everyone can dance to. You can even request a song or two if you want.

The DJs

But if your event caters more to the younger generation, then hiring a DJ is one of the best decisions you can make. The great thing about DJs is the lineup of tunes they offer.

Sure, they may not be live music, but you can request any song that you want and he can play it in an instant. Furthermore, a DJ can mix these tunes and create more upbeat music to pump up the crowd.

Also, DJs are skillful when it comes to transitions. This means they can mix tracks on the fly in a seamless manner. In turn, they can create different blends of music that will wow the crowd.

When searching for DJs, be sure to check their social media accounts. This will give you an idea of what to expect once they start working their magic on the turntable.

The Jazz Musicians

In case your event is more formal, you can hire a jazz combo or trio during cocktails or dinner. Like the live party bands, jazz musicians offer live music. This means every note that you hear is as real as it gets.

Jazz musicians are also flexible. Aside from playing in wedding receptions, they can provide tasteful music during corporate functions and business conventions. 

The Vocalist + Guitarist Tandem

But your event is the more intimate type, you can hire a vocalist-guitarist tandem to serenade the night away. Unlike the live bands and jazz trios, this setup offers a more acoustic touch.

You will practically hear the singer’s voice and a classical guitar and nothing more. If you plan to have an intimate wedding with less than 50 guests, hiring a vocalist and a guitarist is not a bad option. 

The Pianists

If you’re planning to have a wedding reception in a hotel, might as well use the latter’s grand piano by hiring a wedding pianist. But when hiring a pianist, you want to get someone who is a veteran. 

Ideally, you want a pianist who has decades of playing experience. These are the pianists who can perform a plethora of tunes that will leave everyone in awe. 

The Harpists

Last but not least are the harpists, which are excellent during wedding receptions and anniversaries. The harp is one of those enchanting instruments that your guests will appreciate. 

Also, some harpists can sing. They can sing some of your favorite romantic songs as they graze their fingers through the strings. 

Furthermore, you can add a flutist on the side to compliment the elegance of the harp. 

Things to Avoid

Though hiring performers for wedding entertainment is relatively easy, there are certain things you need to avoid at all costs. Firstly, you don’t want to hire a live band solely on an extensive song list.

It is easy to find bands that can play virtually anything. However, how good are they as a group in playing those songs? Thus, go for quality instead of quantity.

Secondly, do not automatically fall for bands with impressive videos and audios. They may sound perfect in those music video demos but sound awful in person.

The same thing goes for entertainment companies that put the effort into their advertising. The key is to look for a company with artists that have the experience and track record to show for.

Last but not least, you want to hire a company that puts a premium on communication. Go for a company that is ready to respond to all your concerns promptly. 

This will help you prepare the essentials the bands or performers need on the day of the event.

You want to hire an entertainment provider that involves you in the planning process. You want to get someone who is transparent with the pricing. You want some who will tell you about their challenges and limitations.

Book Some of the Best Live Performers in Town!

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