When you’re planning a wedding or a party, one of the first questions you’ll need to answer is what sort of music you want there. The music will determine the energy of the party, and it’s got to be perfect. Do you want the crowd on their feet screaming for more or elegant guests reclining at banquet tables enjoying the crooning of a jazz musician?

No matter what sort of event you’re going for, Atlanta has the perfect band for weddings and private parties. You can find intimate jazz duos, soulful blues singers, raucous bluegrass groups, and even full-on production specialists with choreography and light shows. Read on to discover some of the best bands Atlanta has to offer for your wedding or party.

Atlanta German Band 

If you want to add a fun cultural flavor to your wedding, take a look at the Atlanta German Band. Laurentz and his band celebrate German heritage with a tuba, trumpet, clarinet, accordion, and drums. The band plays German Oktoberfest-style music, as well as more American Oom-pah music.

When you hire the Atlanta German Band, you might hear songs from “Whoopie John” Wilfahrt or the Six Fat Dutchmen. Their repertoire also includes Polish and Slovenian songs. You can hire different configurations of the band from a trip all the way up to a six-piece band, but no matter which one you select, a good time is guaranteed!

12 South Band

The 12 South Band brings more than just music to your wedding – they bring the whole show along with them! Most of the band’s 100+ shows a year involve choreography, costume changes, and crowd interaction. The band brings their own top-of-the-line PA system, as well as a fully programmed light show.

The 12 South Band has played in an impressive number of venues with everyone from Earth Wind and Fire and Rascal Flatts to Gretchen Wilson and Kid Rock. Their music covers almost 100 songs from every imaginable genre, and the largest of their events features the full, fifteen-piece package. Due to high demand, the band also has a smaller 8 South Band that travels across the nation.

“Blues Man” Reed and the Juke Joint Dukes

There is nothing like good soul music, and “Blues Man” Reed and the Juke Joint Dukes do it right. The band plays old-school blues in the style of the 50s and 60s. Listening to their music, you’ll feel like you’re sitting in a smoky club in Chicago listening to the old-timers. 

The Juke Joint Dukes cover music from Muddy Waters, BB King, Albert King, and more. Their lineup features a harmonica, a bass, two guitars, and drums. They can play any size venue from an outdoor picnic to an intimate wedding and bring the same soulful sound to every one.

Atlanta Brass Cats Band

If you want to liven up your party, there are few better ways to do it than with a good horn section. The Atlanta Brass Cats Band features a saxophone, a trumpet, and a trombone for undeniable, authentic music. They also bring in vocalists, keyboards, guitars, drums, and basses to provide the perfect background for your setlist.

The Atlanta Brass Cats can cover a wide range of musical genres in their show. Popular selections include songs from Bruno Mars, Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, Chicago, and more. If you want a dynamic performance and some of the best rock in brass, this band is the right choice for you.

Joe Grandsen Jazz Quartet

Smooth jazz is one of those things that never goes out of style, and if you want a wedding band that will keep folks dancing the night away, the Joe Grandsen Jazz Quartet can get it done. Joe has been called a modern-day Frank Sinatra or Chet Baker. His smooth voice, his charming good looks, and his skills with a horn all make him an engaging performer.

Joe has played all over the eastern United States from Atlanta to New York. Backing him up are a saxophone, bass, and piano, and the band’s rendition of “Fly Me to the Moon” has been said to bring a crowd to tears. Joe is a fair businessman, and from his professionalism to his lyrics, he’ll never fail to win you over.

Cedar Hill Bluegrass Band 

The Cedar Hill Bluegrass Band brings a high-energy show and an award-winning experience to your wedding or party. Not only will you get to enjoy their tight harmonies and unique vocal arrangements, but the group also brings comedy and engaging entertainment to the stage. Although their name highlights their expertise in the bluegrass genre, this group can also play country, folk, pop, gospel, and more.

The Cedar Hill Bluegrass Band prides themselves on being “the fun ones” of the bluegrass world. They play novelty songs like “You Done Stomped on My Heart” and “Mama Don’t Allow.” And with more than forty years of experience, this band has what it takes to make your wedding a night to remember.

Find a Band for Weddings and Private Parties

Finding the right band for weddings and private parties can make or break the event. But whether you prefer high-energy showmanship, soulful R&B, or swinging jazz, these bands will keep your guests dancing all night long. Pick the genre you like and start creating your perfect night to remember.

If you’d like to find more wedding bands, check out the rest of our site at Blue Sky Atlanta. We book everyone from classical guitarists and jazz quartets to jugglers and magicians. Contact us today and find the perfect entertainment for your next event.