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The Best Corporate Party Ideas in 2022

Corporate Party Ideas

Do you want to inspire your team with an unforgettable corporate party?

Well, this article holds the key to making your wish come true!

It's not surprising that you're planning a party for your employees in 2022. Experts believe around 88% of businesses will have an in-person event this year.

There are plenty of benefits to hosting a party for work. You can thank your team for their hard work, motivate them, and give your staff a break from their jobs.

However, deciding on party ideas can be difficult. So to help you, we put the best one you should use below!

Escape Rooms

Few things are more efficient for group bonding and working together as an escape room. It requires the group to work as a team to solve puzzles, complete tasks, and ultimately escape from a room.

It helps your team improve their problem-solving abilities and communication in a fun environment. 

Most escape rooms last up to 90 minutes, so it's an activity you can experience almost any day of the week.

A Summer BBQ

There is nothing more enticing than a BBQ when the sun is out. The U.S. mainland has an average summer temperature of almost 72 °F.

Nobody wants to be stuck indoors during this time.

For your summer BBQ, you need a location outdoors, food, drinks, and some entertainment. Hire a DJ for a house party if the BBQ is in your backyard.

In case the weather is unpredictable in the area, you can rent a large marquee in the event of a rain shower.

It's more of a casual and laid-back setting. Therefore it's perfect for giving your team a break from the hard work.

Group Tastings

In recent years, group tastings have become one of the most popular event plans. More microbreweries, vineyards, and food supplies are establishing themselves annually.

Sampling local products is a fun approach to unwinding and getting to know colleges more. There are endless tasting possibilities, but the most popular are the following:

  • Beer tasting
  • Wine tasting
  • Alcohol spirits tasting
  • Chocolate tasting
  • Tea/coffee tasting
  • Cheese tastings
  • Meat tastings

Visiting a famous local company or a newly opened one in the area is superb for helping the community.

Sporting Events

Due to the global pandemic, many fans had to go months without seeing their team play live. So in 2022, people are itching to get back to the games.

With the love of the local team or friendly rivalries, going to a game will build a connection between your group. Even nonsporting fans will have fun surrounded by a carnival atmosphere.

American football, basketball, and baseball are the most in-demand sports in the country.


Group Retreats

There are little things more exciting to an employee than hearing a group retreat. It gives them a well-earned break and a chance to get to know colleagues outside a work environment.

Teams usually experience activities such as paintballing, hiking, or scavenger hunts on a retreat. With their heads far from the workplace, they can focus more on partaking with others.

Resorts and hotels are more popular locations for party planning. However, campsites are also an option for some healthy exercise.

Experience the Best Party Ideas for 2022

Every employee appreciates a corporate party. It doesn't matter when or where it happens. 

However, if you want to show people how much you value them, stick to the best party ideas for 2022. You're guaranteed to have a successful event.

So clear your schedule and start event planning. And don't forget to book music and entertainment to help get the party started!