There are many good reasons behind the increasing popularity of themed weddings these days. If you are planning your wedding entertainment, it’s the best opportunity to showcase your taste and love for something that is special to both you and your life-partner.

While choosing a theme for your wedding, music doesn’t make the first choice always. But if you are passionate about music, a musical themed wedding should be on the card. Think beyond choosing a perfect couple dance song or playing some rock music to bring the guests on the dance floor. Great tunes often set the mood for any wedding and also play crucial role in holding sentimental feelings for many couples.


Now you’ve selected a musical wedding theme for your Big day, you must be wondering how to begin because hosting a wedding is tricky and specially if it is a themed one. The whole party including the decor, food and music should revolve around a specific vision that is music. They are the best ways to reveal your wedding theme to the guests.

Here we have come up with a few ideas and inspiration that would help to turn your vision into a reality.

Go For a Music Theme:

For the theme, you have plenty of options to choose. Are you a fan of Rock and Roll? Country music or old soul? If you want a cocktail of all, get a live band for hire and incorporate all your favorite songs from ’80s rock, classical, R&B or something in between.


Themed Party wear:

Many of us are so much fond of the hippie fashion trends during summertime music festivals every year, then why can’t we think of making same wedding attire like flower crowns, maxi dresses etc.


Play The Card Trick:

Use some personalized wedding signs like hand-written lyrics of your favorite songs, beautifully blending your musical theme and your relationship with your spouse.  Song Request Cards are also a unique and exciting way to make your guests wait till their turn comes to get on the dance floor at their favorite tunes. They will simply love the trick!

Musical Themed Desserts:

Treat your guests with ukulele biscuits or Music Note frosted cookies which are hot favorites for a musical themed party and is the perfect way to induce music in your food menu too.

Add musical Touch in decors and centerpieces:


Incorporating a few musical decors will act magical for your themed wedding. Be creative to add your own ideas. Take for example:

A floral guitar decor with guitars strewn with flowers will create a romantic .

Beatles themed weddings are very popular these days. Use Beatles Records as centerpieces  with the best love tracks ever.


Be Creative with the Party Favors

The mixed CDs of our times are still adorable to many. They can easily make the perfect wedding favors for your guests.  From our past experience we have seen party guests getting swayed by the soundtracks of their favorite love songs or dance numbers. Use the CD case or label wisely, craft up them with customized list of song they will be hearing on the big occasion and give away to the guests.

Hire a Solo Musician

You may consider hiring an accordion player to induce blissful music moments during the ceremony, or the cake cutting or keep it as a surprise for the evening.


Try to infuse your love for music by incorporating all sorts of musical touches into every detail of your wedding. Get DIY wedding ideas for the best favors, cake, wedding invitations, decor and centerpieces and make your wedding reception really musical.