Music has always been an important part of any occasion, especially if it’s a wedding party or reception. If you are done with all your preparations for the big day it’s time to invest some good time for the entertainment part.

What else could be more entertaining than music? Yet music can make or break an event if not planned properly. Do some research before you book your wedding entertainment.  Choose music options that are suitable for guests of all ages. Most importantly, hire artistes who are capable enough to engage audience with their alluring performances and know how to set the mood of a party.

Find some unique ideas for your wedding entertainment:


Hire a Celebrity Impersonator


This is a wonderful way to make your wedding entertainment stand out in the crowd. Impersonators are lookalike of the celebrities who can give a starry feel to your wedding night. They not only just entertain the guests with their performance but also makeup songs instantly on the spot!



Book a Wedding Harpist

If you’ve planned for a traditional ceremony or a sophisticated reception party, hiring a harpist for the occasion will be a perfect idea as they will create a romantic ambiance with the most appealing tunes of all time.

String quartet

It may be a little expensive but if you are able to stretch it a bit, the string quartets bring the whole atmosphere of the event to life with their captivating notes

Jazz band for Hire

The best way to bring all the guests to the dance floor is the rocking music by a jazz band. A jazz band with their irresistible music beats compels the audience to join the dance floor during a party!


Choose Classic songs for 1st Dance


Choose your first dance songs carefully as it is an occasion when all the eyes will be on you. Take this opportunity to wow your guests with your choice of music that will convey a lot about you and your better half. You may start with a classic romantic dance song and then switch the mood to a rocking up-tempo song like Bruno Mars to bring energy to your party.


Play R& B Wedding Songs

Make a playlist of the best R& B songs to be played at your wedding reception as they bring passionate vibes to the occasion.  These songs are adorable for their meaningful lyrics and sensuous melodies, perfect to celebrate special moments of your ceremony and also to create romantic atmosphere at the dance floor.

Get A Professional Wedding DJ or Band


Hire a professional wedding DJ or Band who will keep the dance floor packed till the last moment with their energetic performance and right selection of songs to captivate the audience. They should be prepared to handle people of different age and taste.