Travel restrictions have been a huge bummer. Between putting your vacation outfits back into your closet and waiting for the airline refund email, it’s sad to watch all the planning go to waste. You had big plans to explore some of the most fun cities with your friends, but now you’re on your seventh hour of Netflix. The trip you were most excited about was your trip to Vegas. You were ready for the dance clubs, casino games, and strong drinks. Even though you were barely going to be in it, you even booked the best hotel room. Don’t worry because you can bring the Vegas party to your home city of Atlanta. It’ll be a Sin City takeover. Keep reading below to learn how to throw the best casino themed party. 

Solidify Your Theme

Even though you know you want to throw a casino party, decide which route to take it. Are you going to get a little rowdy, or do you want to be a tiny bit classy?

You can have just as much fun in cocktail dresses as you would in club clothes. Decide which one you’d rather dress up in more, and communicate that theme with your guests. 

If you did want to add a fun side to your cocktail attire, consider buying a fun wig or trying out extravagant makeup. You may look messier as the night continues on, but what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right?

Hire the Best Entertainment

We’ve all been to a party where the music was boring and the energy was low. People were looking for any chance to dip out the door without anyone noticing. Avoid this from happening by hiring amazing entertainment.

Good, upbeat music is crucial for a Vegas party. You want a DJ who knows the hottest tracks and can mix them well. No one wants to be having drinks with their friends while listening to the Hokey Pokey. 

People want bass drops, fast beats, and plenty of opportunities to dance. 

In addition to booking a DJ, consider hiring a magician. Magicians are thrilling and engaging, and your guests will love it. They’ll be talking about it for the rest of the year.

You can also hire people like a hypnotist or dancers to perform at your party. Consider hiring makeup artists and local braid bars to spruce up everyone’s looks.

On top of all this, look for an event company that helps you with scheduling entertainment. They should help make sure everything is set up and ready to go on the day of the party.  

Serve Only the Best Food and Drink

A party is a total bust without food and drink. These are essentials to any memorable event. 

Start by hiring local bartenders and working with them to create signature drinks and shots. By offering something people can’t find outside of the party, you’ll be sure to drop some jaws. 

Decide if you want to offer an open bar or only offer a signature cocktail along with beer and wine. You can even distribute free drink tickets to guests, telling them they’ll have to pay for anything beyond their amount of tickets. 

As far as food, serve delicious bites people can travel with while at the party. You don’t want anything that’s difficult to quickly grab. Local caterers will give you plenty of appetizer selections. 

To add to the food and drink excitement, order custom shot glasses, and printed napkins. Don’t be afraid to go overboard, because Vegas is all about going to the extreme.

Purchase Plenty of Decorations

Like said before, Vegas is all about being over-the-top. Your decorations shouldn’t be any less than that. You want glitz, glam, and bright lights. 

Roll out a red carpet for arriving guests. When they enter the party, surprise them with flashing lights illuminating a dance floor. Set up playing tables with things like poker and Blackjack. 

Despite being Atlanta, convince guests they are partying in Vegas. The environment should be captivating and visually-stimulating. 

If you hire a well-run event company, they’ll pay attention to the details in the decorations for you. It would be lots of stress off your plate.

Know Your Budget

Just like Vegas itself can be expensive, throwing a Vegas party can be expensive. Make sure to save up and strictly follow your budget. 

Give yourself several months to properly plan and save for your party. Sit down and create a budget sheet, estimating how much money you’ll spend on each aspect of the party. 

When hiring services and buying decorations, stick to the numbers because if you don’t, you’ll find yourself in a deep hole. Running out of money is a sure way to ruin a party buzz.

Capture the Night

Since you may or may not remember the night, hire a photographer to capture all of the memories. A Las Vegas party is guaranteed to provide a lifetime worth of hilarious memories.

Instruct them to play people playing the casino games and all of the guests hitting the dance floor. They can also take photos of the party details, like fancy drinks. 

For extra party documentation, pay for a photo booth. People can dress up in amusing wigs and hold up props for pictures. They’ll laugh every time they see the photos they took home.

If you don’t want to pay for a professional photo booth, set up a photo wall. Hang up a background and set out props on a nearby table. You can even create a party hashtag people can use when posting the pictures.

Bring Vegas to ATL with a Casino Themed Party

We know travel restrictions have messed up your big plans to party. Don’t worry because you can host a casino themed party in Atlanta. 

Don’t be afraid to go all out with a DJ, overflowing cocktails, and exciting casino games. Transform the environment into a Vegas experience with top-notch decorations, and don’t forget to hire a photographer to capture it all.

In order to throw a successful party, you’ll need a trusted event company that offers nothing but the best service. If you work with party planning professionals, check out the rest of our site. Contact us to set up the party of the year.