“But can’t I just play my iPod? Why should I book an event DJ?”

We hear this question all the time, so we’d like to shed some light on the answer.

1. DJ’s bring more than just music. In addition to playing music, DJ’s play a pivotal role in setting the “mood.” They read the feeling of the dance floor and can adjust the music accordingly.

2. A DJ can make your event easier. If you don’t have an event planner, then a DJ is absolutely necessary to keep everything moving along smoothly throughout the event. Imagine trying to run your iPod before dinner, then running back to stop the music before announcements or speeches, then going back to change the song at key moments.

3. There is no coordination needed on your part. DJs have all the equipment that is necessary to make the reception run smoothly. They’re experienced at performing at events, so they don’t need to be micromanaged and they don’t need to be given too much direction. They’re professionals who can get the job done with minimal oversight.

4. You’ll have access to a huge array of music. DJ’s have an endless supply of music at their fingertips, and if you forgot to request one song, don’t worry — Your DJ more than likely has it in his files.

5. A DJ makes for a stress-free event. Event planning is stressful. The last thing you want to worry about is making sure that the music sounds good. If you hire a DJ, you won’t have to worry. The DJ is a professional who stays in charge of making sure the music and sound stays top-notch.

6. They amp up your guests. If you want your event to be a memorable party, then a DJ is the way to go. They have the charisma and passion to make your guests have a great time.

7. You can still drive the atmosphere. A great DJ will ask for your favorite songs, tempos or type of “mood” that you want to create throughout the event.

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