Planning a corporate event can be fun, but it can also be stressful. There are a million details you have to manage, and if even one thing falls through, it could be disastrous. You’re on a stage with a hundred people watching trying to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. 

Having a good corporate event planning checklist can help you make sure nothing goes wrong at your event. Read on to get your basic checklist for planning a perfect event.

Do Initial Planning

The first step to making any event a success is doing the initial planning. Start by sitting down with your committee and establishing your goals and objectives for the event. How many people do you want to attend? What is the purpose of the event? And how much will tickets cost?

Once the basics are roughed out, you need to start setting a budget and choosing a location and date for your event. Choose a format and theme, find an appropriate venue, and start looking at vendors you want in attendance. You should also start researching any speakers you want to engage at this point. 

Search for Sponsors

With the initial planning done, you can start searching for sponsors for your event. Compile a list of your ideal sponsors, researching similar events in the area and checking on what sponsors they had. You should also start putting together your pitch package for the various sponsors.

Segment your attendees and determine their value to various sponsors. Determine the market rate of your sponsorship packages and set up different tier options. With your packet in hand, you’ll be ready to start reaching out and asking for sponsorship commitments.

Organize Your Financials

Part of what your sponsors will allow you to do is better organize your budget and financials for the event. Finalize your sponsors and their various tier levels, and make note of how their contribution impacts your budget. You’ll also need to decide if you want to sell tickets to the event and, if so, how much each one will cost. 

It’s a good idea to set different tier levels for your tickets, too. Offer a lower price to early-bird registrants, and consider putting together a VIP package that offers additional perks for a higher price. You should also have a baseline ticket option for people who register within the standard window or who buy tickets at the door.

Hire Live Entertainment

One of the most important parts of any corporate event is the entertainment, and it’s best to hire live entertainment. Not only will a live entertainer bring more energy and draw to your event, they can also read the room and adjust their performance to match the vibe you need at various times throughout the event. There are a wide variety of entertainers you can choose from depending on the event you’re hosting.

If you’re hosting a conference, consider having a live band performance one evening. For a gala, get a live band or a DJ. For a dinner, consider hiring a magician to provide a show during the meal. Make sure you work with a reputable hiring agency so you can be sure you’re getting the best entertainers for a fair price.

Build Your Website

When it comes time to start promoting your event, you’re going to need someplace to direct people to for more information and ticket sales. Yes, you could set this up as a Facebook event, but that’s limited and doesn’t look very professional. It’s better to build a custom website or web page for your event.

If you have an existing company website, you may want to use that as a host site and add a new tab on the menu for your event. Put all the information about your event there, including the date and time, any attractions, and how to get tickets. For larger events, you may want to build out a custom branded website that includes a photo gallery and a detailed itinerary.

Promote Your Event

As plans start to come together, you need to begin promoting your event. If this event is open only to corporate employees and their families, promotion is easy. Send out an office memo with the details for the event and a link to your website with instructions for how to register.

For events that are open to the public, you’re going to need to set up a full marketing campaign. At the smallest levels, this should include social media marketing and blast emails. At the larger levels, you may want to display billboards, run ads on local television and radio, and consider running some street marketing campaigns.

Finalize the Details

As your event draws closer, you’ll need to start finalizing details with all the various people involved. Double-check details like catering, sound and light technicians, and janitorial services with your venue. Make sure you get your sponsors’ contributions, and nail down final plans like travel details with your speakers.

Make sure you have someone to set up and decorate your venue for the event and that there will be someone there to open the doors. Go over your itinerary and make sure every step is accounted for. Double-check your ticket sales and make sure there will be enough materials for everyone who will be in attendance.

Crush Your Corporate Event Planning 

Successful corporate event planning involves keeping a lot of balls in the air at once. Having a solid checklist can help you make sure nothing slips through the cracks and that everything goes off without a hitch. 

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