Country clubs are the popular event venues these days which are mostly preferred for wedding and corporate parties. They mostly have beautiful locations and are often associated with exclusive memberships, well-manicured lawns, and recreational sports.

If you are looking to celebrate a classic wedding in traditional style at a nearby country club, the following tips would help you to the entire planning without any hassle.

Know about the Membership Requirements:


Talk to the Club authorities about the availability of the venue for non-members if you are not a member of the club. Some country clubs allow both members and non-members to host events and some clubs open the doors for the members only. It is therefore essential to research about the club policies well in advance before making your mind. 

Decide the Event Location:


In case of an indoor event, make a survey of the interiors of the club venue where you plan to host your family wedding. If it’s an outdoor event, make sure that the venue has ample open space to accommodate the entire ceremony and also keep backup arrangements like hiring tents etc. if there is a possibility of rain.

Check Out for Catering and Dinner Service:


Inquire about the options for catering services available at the club venue for dinner. Where some venues offer fixed wedding menu, some will offer you to create a customised menu. Choose a cocktail menu or buffet according to your preferred style.

Know The Vendors Policy:

If the country club is a regular venue for weddings, they may have their own vendors including florists, bartenders, event planner, wedding DJs etc. If you have your own choice about the vendors, know the ‘vendors policy’ of the club on hiring outside vendors.


Ask About the Privacy Policy:

Many a time, couples worry about the privacy at the club venue. If this is a concern for you, check out the privacy policy followed by the club ahead of time. But generally, no club member is allowed an access to a private event and the people in your guest list will only show up at your event.


Adhere to the Rules and Regulations of the Club:

You are always expected to follow the rules and regulations of a country club which will be explained to you by the club manager. Even though it’s your private event, the club members too have their own right to access the other areas of the club on the event day. It is therefore your responsibility to follow the norms at the venue like keeping the music volume to a decent level, not accessing the golf-course, not creating any disturbance to the surroundings etc.

Thus, following a few simple tips and etiquettes would help you to plan a wedding at a country club without worries. The lush surroundings and the delicious menu at a country club are truly worth enjoying.