You’ve found the love of your life and you’re ready to settle down. Your first true test as an almost-married couple? Planning the wedding together! According to research, 40% of couples find this step “very stressful” or “extremely stressful” but that doesn’t have to be the case! Before your to-do list gives you a migraine, it’s best to go ahead and hire a wedding planner.

When you delegate some of the most nerve-wracking parts of this process to a professional, you’re free to relax more and enjoy this sweet season of engagement. Today, we’re sharing seven signs that it’s time to share the reins so you can stop sweating and start savoring the moment!

1. You Don’t Have Much Time to Plan 

You can’t exactly take weeks off work to plan your big day. If you’re like most couples, your free time is already running thin and you want to spend those moments enjoying each other, not pulling your hair out over linens and table settings. 

One of the best parts about hiring a wedding planner or event planner? This expert is well-versed in all of the big-picture parts of your wedding, as well as the behind-the-scenes details you might not have time to think about. 

If nothing else, you’ll save time and your sanity when you aren’t second-guessing every tiny decision or attending a litany of in-person meetings that threaten to invade your after-work hours and sacred weekends. 

2. You’re Not Exactly a Party Expert

Sure, you’ve thrown a few birthday parties and you helped plan your sister’s wedding shower. However, it’s important to understand that a wedding is on an entirely different scale. 

Not only do you have your guests to consider, but you’ll also need to take into account your wedding party, the event space, your vendors, and much more. If party planning isn’t your forte, coordinating all of these parts can quickly become overwhelming. 

3. Your Vendor List is Getting Out of Hand

Even if you’re determined to throw a small, simple wedding, there are key vendors that you’ll likely need to contact. From the florist and the venue manager to the caterer and the reception entertainer, you’ll need to reach out to many different teams. 

In addition to making sure they’re available on your special day, there’s also the work of figuring out their timelines and making a master schedule. All of this work doesn’t have to fall on your shoulders. 

A wedding planner will be familiar with local vendors and can put you in touch with the people who can make your day magical. If you’re in the Atlanta area, our entertainment booking company can help you connect with bands, DJs, and other live performers!

4. You’re Unsure How to Budget

When it comes to choosing decor, accessories and other furnishings for your wedding, it’s understandable to want the very best. However, most brides are familiar with the snowball effect that occurs once you start making decisions and picking out products.

A skilled wedding planner can help you stick to your budget so you still have plenty of money left over to enjoy your newlywed life! With their industry connections and years of experience, they can reveal key places to save, as well as guide you on where to splurge. 

5. Tiny Details Are Adding Up

Would you say that you’re very detail-oriented? Or, do you tend to skip or skim over the seemingly minor details and focus only on the bigger picture?

If the former holds true, you might find that wedding planning is more complicated than you’d prefer.

With an event of this scale, forgetting even one aspect could lead to disaster. For instance, you could fail to pay your event venue deposit and lose the spot you’ve had your sights set on for years. Or, you might misread the catering menu and request surf and turf when all you wanted (and could afford) was shrimp.

Thankfully, event planners live for the details. They’ll help you navigate every aspect of your wedding, so you never have to worry about forgetting or overlooking something important.

6. You’re Planning a Destination Wedding

It goes without saying that a destination wedding is much more involved than a domestic one. Even if you’re planning to elope or keep your guest list very small, there are still myriad travel-related details to attend to, such as planning accommodation. 

When you keep your event local, you’ll be able to contact your vendors pretty easily. You’re in the same timezone and usually, the same town. However, this may not be the case if you’re exchanging vows halfway around the world.

Your wedding planner will perform in-depth research about the location of your nuptials. With their help, you can find the best vendors in the area and feel confident that your itinerary is both safe and swoon-worthy.

7. You Want to Stand Out and Be Unique

Industry magazines and websites are great for gathering ideas about the latest wedding trends. However, you might not want your wedding to look like everyone else’s and that’s OK!

Do you have a unique theme in mind? Want to pay homage to a special person or place, or express your personal style in a special way?

On your own, you might be hard-pressed to come up with ways to transform your brainstorms into reality. Your wedding planner can add a spark of creativity and make sure that your wedding is as one-of-a-kind as you are.

Hire a Wedding Planner and Kiss the Stress Goodbye

The months and weeks leading up to your wedding can be some of the most blissful and special ones of your life. Unfortunately, they can also be some of the most trying times, too.

You don’t have to juggle all of this on your own. If any of these seven signs applies to you, go ahead and hire a wedding planner to help! You’ll still have plenty of say into your big day, but much less stress.

Want to get a head start on delegating some of the most important tasks? We’re experts in the Atlanta entertainment space and can help you find some of the city’s best artists. Contact us today and let’s take this next step together.