We are living in strange times – for this generation or any other, for that matter.  Actually we are witnessing a little history repeating.  And, if I miss my guess, we will not only steer clear of disaster, but we will live to see a future with abundant hope and promise.

So, let’s take a little healthy optimism to the next level.  When it comes to planning your wedding entertainment, sure you want the best quality for the least amount of investment, that’s a given.  But, don’t set yourself up for a train wreck in the process either.  Hire experienced wedding DJs or wedding music bands who live to provide you the quality level of entertainment you expect for your family and friends.

  • Ceremony musicians – If you are responsible for getting your own wedding string music, instead of a String Trio or a String Quartet which, of course are respectively 3 or 4 musicians. Think instead about a duo say perhaps a Cellist and Violin or Flutist.
  • Wedding reception DJ –  Book for three hours of time with the option to go longer built in so there are no surprises and the decision can be made in the middle of the event.
  • Wedding Dance Bands – apply the second entry but please don’t be a “head counter”.  Making that mistake may actually steer you away from a band that is better suited to your individual needs.  Be careful: at times you may find that a smaller sized band may actually be higher priced.

Bottom line:  Think about quality and and work with a trusted entertainment provider with a proven track record in the Atlanta  music representation or the live entertainment agency business.  These people will save you your valuable time and investment.  And that cliff the media keeps talking about may become just a few hills.