Visiting New Orleans this month? Don’t miss the opportunity to catch up with the upcoming Mardi gras, one of the greatest carnivals on earth! This year the festival is going to be held on February 13, 2018.


Mardi gras, a French word, means ‘Fat Tuesday’ that marks the beginning of a fasting season, called Lent. Christians celebrate this festival as the last opportunity to eat rich food till Easter Sunday.

Festival Attractions:


  1. The top attraction of the celebration is the parade taking place on the parade where the crowds and the floats pass by. Watching the parade from Uptown at the St. Charles Avenues will be a great experience for its friendly atmosphere.
  1. Watching people in different costumes will be a great fun. Dress up anything you like during this time.
  1. Catching the throws like beads, doubloons, cups, stuffed animals by the Mardi gras float riders is truly exciting. Bring a plastic or cloth bag to hold things you catch but don’t dare to reach down to pick up the throws.

 Other than watching the parades there are so many things to do during carnival season. Visit the great restaurants, click some great snaps and experience live music!

  • Click some pictures at the beautiful park of Jackson Square, a historical attraction in New Orleans.
  • Shop in the French Market, the farmers market where you can buy everything from local delicacies to souvenir for your home.
  • Explore the restaurants, jazz bars on Frenchmen Street, most of them offering local seafood and farm produce. The place holds concerts every night by local bands for hire.

There are so many things to do in this festive season that a single article will fall short to include all. These are just a few things that are strongly recommended to you.