Corporate parties are a chance to show employees your appreciation for their hard work. It’s also an opportunity for networking and building team morale.

But creating the right atmosphere takes some preplanning and creativity. Are you looking for corporate party ideas that your staff will actually get excited about? 

Let us help you plan an epic corporate party that’ll have your office buzzing! 

Grab your day planner and keep reading to discover epic corporate party ideas that are sure to set the mood for success.

Casino Night

There’s nothing quite like a casino night to bring team members together. Taking chances and winning big make for an exciting, energy-filled corporate event.

Most casino nights offer additional chances to win including silent auctions and chances to give back. Donate half the winnings to a local charity or non-profit organization.

You’ll need a venue that fits several large round tables for card games like Blackjack and Texas Hold ‘Em. If possible, bring in a roulette or craps table to encourage even more group interaction.

No event is complete without some music! Bring in live entertainment to please those guests who may not gamble but are still looking for a good time.

Carnival or Circus Theme

You’re never too old to enjoy the games and childlike fun found at a carnival or circus. Help your team members feel young again by hosting a carnival or circus-themed party.

If the weather allows, host your party outdoors. A large tent or open field is the perfect backdrop. Include carnival games and plenty of snacks including cotton candy, popcorn, and hot dogs.

Have a little fun by putting the CEO or manager in a dunk tank. No carnival or circus is complete without a clown or magician to “wow” the crowds.

These corporate party ideas are also family-friendly if you plan to include employees’ spouses and children. You can even hire a juggler or caricaturist for added family fun.

Food Truck Festival

Food is often the center of any party — and your corporate event is no different. Food trucks offer an unmatched variety of goodies from fried foods to decadent desserts and culturally inspired dishes. Many festivals also boast a beer and wine tent.

All you need is a large open area to line up the trucks and a live band to keep the crowd moving and happy.  

Murder Mystery

Looking for corporate party ideas that employees are dying to attend? Why not plan a murder mystery evening?

Not only are they fun, but they’re the perfect opportunity for team members to work together to solve a problem. Choose a theme and ask employees to arrive in costume. Or mix things up even more by assigning everyone a character to play.

You can even offer prize incentives for the employee who solves the mystery. Add a harpist, pianist, or violinist as ambiance for your murder mystery dinner party. 

Escape Room

Escape rooms are surging in popularity for groups of all sizes but are especially popular as corporate team building activities.

Similar to a murder mystery themed party, escape rooms encourage employees to work together to solve a problem. It strengthens communication skills, highlights individual strengths, and helps team members get to know one another better.

Employees can then take these skills back to the office, boosting productivity and office morale. Escape rooms also build trust and teach employees how to handle both wins and losses as a team. 

Comedy Night

Nothing helps people bond faster than a little laughter. Help your staff let loose and relax with a comedy night.

Good food and drink paired with hilarious entertainment is the perfect way for employees to let their hair down and get to know one another on a more personal level.

Hire a few different comedians for some variety and live music or a DJ to play between each act. 

Around the World

Want to add some culture and ethnic flair to your corporate party? Take your team around the world with food vendors, entertainers, and decor from across the world.

This is the perfect event for large corporations that have employees from many different ethnic backgrounds and cultures. It’s also a great way to highlight different regions that your company works with or in.

This helps your home base staff feel more connected to your overseas partners. 

Let employees take a tour through each themed city or country. Decorate the sections to highlight native colors, themes, and holidays. Offer dishes from each culture for a well-rounded experience. 


Lights, camera, action! A Hollywood corporate party is the perfect reason to roll out the red carpet and make your staff feel like rockstars.

Have a photographer greet guests at the entrance and snap a few photos. Gold and silver or black and white are perfect color themes for a classy, trendy Hollywood bash.

Stick with finger foods and champagne passed around by waiters. Have a classic movie playing quietly in the background while a live band or musician plays famous movie theme songs.

Hire a few impersonators to add star-quality to your event. They should also be present on the red carpet for photo-ops! 

Through the Decades

Decade-themed parties are a fun and funky way to bring your office staff together. Bust out your bell-bottoms and peace sign necklaces or 50s poodle skirt for a corporate event that takes you through the ages.

You can choose a specific decade or let employees choose. Staff members will get a kick out of seeing their coworkers and bosses dressed in over-the-top costumes. Give out small prizes for the best costume from each decade.

The highlight of any decade-themed party is the music. Rock out to classic hits and oldies that are sure to get everyone on the dance floor. Hire a DJ or live band to play all your favorites and take requests. 

You can also hire a photo booth with lots of fun props to create lasting memories.

Have Fun with Your Corporate Party Ideas

Your corporate event shouldn’t be a snooze! Use some of these fun and creative corporate party ideas to plan an epic bash that employees will be talking about for years.

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Contact us today for more information on the many services we offer and let’s get started planning a corporate event your staff won’t soon forget.