There is no doubt we all need a little comedy in our lives and, to break guests up in laughter at that holiday or retirement dinner, you may want to consider a stand-up comic that has all the right moves, knows the corporate ropes and entertains in a very special and unique way.  You want to be sure, of course, that no one attending is going to be singled out or made to feel uncomfortable in any way unless it is a “roast”. Hire a comedian with us who are professional and delight our clients in the age-old and for-all-ages style reminiscent of a David Letterman or a Conan O’Brien right here in Atlanta.

Comedy monologues do not need to be too long.  Thirty to forty minutes is usually ample time for any one comedian on stage.  There is something here to be said for “less is more” and they are happy to oblige your timetable.  Pertinent information imparted to us before the night will insure that the comedy tailors his material somewhat towards a guest of honor, a theme or a specific company.  You provide the spin and we will provide the entertainer with the credentials worthy of praise and respect.

Just call Blue Sky Atlanta at 770.457.1955 to book one of the best and funny comedians we have available for your next corporate entertainment, cocktail party, retirement party, holiday party, or theme party.

Jerry Farber

One of the best nationally-known very funny and popular stand-up comedians, Jerry Farber is a corporate entertainer and pianist extraordinaire, Jerry Farber is #1 in Atlanta comedy and entertainment circles. He is the Atlanta’s most recognized and acclaimed performer, entertaining for over three decades. Jerry stars at local and national comedy clubs, and various charities and corporate functions all over the country.  If you are having a corporate event, Jerry Farber is one the ideas that should be at the top of your list for entertainment.