Father Daughter dance is a highlight of any girl’s year

I remember when my daughter was in elementary school, she and I attended the Father-Daughter Dance at her school.  We had so much fun trying to learn to “country square dance” together.  Atlanta Father-Daughter dances in recent years feature themes such as a “50’s Sock Hop,” “Disco Nights,” and even country line or square dancing.By putting a little effort into the event beforehand, guests can complete the evening’s theme with special touches, some as simple as wearing party attire of those 50’s or 60’s days.  The event then becomes a huge success!   The bond forged between father and daughter in that one event is priceless.   It becomes almost a rite of passage – a milestone that both will look back upon and recall with fondness — the one special night that made a memory.
The right choice for a Disc Jockey for your event is essential.   To make the event memorable and special, the DJ must be well-informed and experienced with this type of event.   Atlanta wedding DJs like DJ-JJ or DJ-Gene, two of the finest Father-Daughter Atlanta DJs around, will know exactly how to handle the night with no guesswork required.
The key is to keep the theme intact yet have some touching moments for the fathers to share with their daughters.  The DJ must be vigilant and ready to field requests, many of which may be very broad-based.  If possible, it is a good idea to ask the fathers and daughters to submit song requests several days in advance of the party to provide the DJ with their preferences.
With some advance planning and the right DJ, the Father-Daughter dance is a guaranteed hit!

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