A Feel for Things:


Every DJ is different, but one thing to consider when you’re hiring an affordable Wedding DJ is how you feel about that DJ navigating the evening.  Is there trust?  If you’re doing it right, there should be.  So, let’s explore adding a little sparkle to your wedding reception.

Best Atlanta Wedding DJs for You:

You and your partner will know you’ve found the right disc jockey when you feel confident that he or she can handle just about anything.  (It’s kind of like marriage, right?) Because, honestly, the bride and the groom aren’t supposed to be worried about the details.  Now that the party is planned, it’s up to them to let go and enjoy the special day.

When choosing a DJ or the musical act for your wedding reception, an interview can be a great way to get to know the DJ or the live performers and to see if the match is right.  Of course, though you and your partner are the ones hiring the DJ or the live performers, keep in mind the DJ or the musicians may have some questions for you, too.

He (or she) may want to know how many people will be coming in from out of town, the ranges of ages of people in attendance, and the types of music you want most requested.  In addition to what songs should and should not be played, these details matter.

Even if you don’t know specifics, being open and honest with each other will get this working relationship professional and off on the right footing while keeping the evening unfolding just as you originally planned.  Let us help you plan!  We do this all the time.

It is certainly worth the investment to use the skills of a knowledgeable, proven DJ performer and consider using our company to guide you every step of the way and be there for you from the booking date to to play date.

We at Blue Sky Atlanta provide you the best Atlanta wedding DJ, live bands, vocalists, wedding pianist and other musicians to mark your wedding as the best musical event in the years to come!