The average couple spends approximately $33,900 on their wedding expenses. 

If you or someone you know is planning a wedding, you’re well aware of the various considerations that go into planning your budget. You’ve got to consider the cost of your unique wedding venue, your entertainment, the food, the photographer and so much more. Once you narrow down your budget, you have to focus on making the right decisions.

This article is aimed at people like you who are looking to find the kind of entertainment that works for your budget and pairs well with your wedding venue. 

Let’s take a closer look at how to go about choosing your entertainment.

Pairing Your Entertainment With Your Unique Wedding Venue

Before you choose your entertainment, you’ve got to take into consideration your choice of venue. Is your wedding going to be at a hotel like The Grand Hyatt, The Georgian Terrace Hotel, or The Sylvan Hotel?

Perhaps, you’ve chosen to have it at a place like Piedmont Driving Club, or The Peachtree Club. Consider the type of entertainment that would pair best with the aesthetic of your venue, and of course, your wedding theme. 

Do you want something that’s fun and unique? Would you prefer something a little classier? How do you want your guests to feel?

Once you have your answer, have a look at the various options you have for a stellar wedding in Atlanta!

Setting the Stage With a Live Band

Live bands can do wonders for the energy in a room. The right music can set any kind of tone you want for your wedding. Nothing says classy like some smooth jazz, and some delicate ballroom tunes. 

A live band is always easy for most guests to connect with. Not only do you get quality music through the night, but it adds a sense of familiarity to the night that ensures consistent entertainment for everyone. 

A DJ to Get Those Spirits Up

You may want music, but also feel like a live band is not for you. That’s alright. You always have the option of hiring a DJ!

A good DJ will be able to set the pace you want for your wedding. They are by far the more convenient choice, helping you coordinate, emcee, and set the mood for the night. 

They would be able to read the room and consistently adapt the music to fit the changing tone of the night. This ensures that your entertainment never goes stale and is always relevant to the needs of your guests. 

Always Room for a Laugh

If you’re looking for something fresh and fun to get the spirits high, a comedian is a fantastic choice. Weddings bring families together, and so does laughter. What better way to celebrate the union of two families than having a good laugh over some quality wit and wine?

A Good Impression

If stand-up comedy is not your style, you can get a little more adventurous with an impressionist. It’s a good way to keep things lighthearted and fun and just have a good time. 

This works particularly well for venues that are a little more laidback, in a club or garden setting. Additionally, impressions can be diverse and entertain different generations. 

Magic in the Air

If you want to give your guests a night to remember, a magician is a great way to go. A good magician will ensure a unique experience that goes against the grain of the standard song and dance you see at weddings. 

It also allows for the focus to be on someone else. This gives the couple more breathing room throughout the wedding. While your guests are busy being enchanted by the magician’s neat tricks, you have time to enjoy your day and have a few moments away from the strain of the spotlight. 

A Fun Twist

Now, if you really want to make your wedding stand out, you can choose entertainment that’s entirely offbeat. 

For one, you can hire a caricaturist to draw fun caricatures for your guests. Not only is this a great way to entertain your guests, but it also gives them a personalized wedding souvenir to take home with them. 

Caricaturists work well for more intimate events when you have a shorter guest list. Generally, if you have a larger guest list, it might be more appropriate to go with another choice of entertainer or hire more than one caricaturist to ensure that every guest has a shot at a souvenir. 

For another, you can hire a stilt walker. The circus-like charm will instantly add a whole new sense of whimsy to your wedding. It’s memorable, it’s unique and it’s thoroughly entertaining for all ages. 

However, here, you must ensure that your venue has the right kind of ground to accommodate stilt walkers and jugglers. 

An Entertaining Evening Awaits

Choosing the right entertainment for your unique wedding venue is fairly simple. You need to consider the kind of atmosphere you want for your wedding, your budget, and how you want your guests to feel through the night. 

At Blue Sky Atlanta, we offer a wide range of entertainment options across the best wedding venues in Atlanta. Our artists are experienced and talented professionals who are guaranteed to give your guests the kind of entertainment they’ll never forget. To request a quote or learn more about our services, get in touch with us right here!