Most brides envision their wedding taking place in the spring or summer — but there’s a price to pay when you plan your big day during the most in-demand season. The cost of everything from the event venue to catering rises during “peak wedding season” due to the law of supply and demand, which means you can save some serious money by hosting a winter wedding.

Here are 5 ways it pays to throw your wedding during winter.


Ceremony & Reception Venues

Since business is slow during the winter, venues often discount their rates and are more open to negotiation on their prices. In many cases, you should be able to get your space at a significantly reduced rate, and you may also be able to get add-ons like top-shelf liquor for a fraction of the cost.


Caterers are also looking for ways to boost their business over the winter. You may be able to get a buffet catered at a reduced price, or get a plated and served dinner for near the cost a buffet would be during peak season.

Other Service Providers

Don’t forget live wedding bands and DJs, photographers and videographers, and limousine companies. All of these service providers rely heavily on weddings for their business and are happy to make some concessions in order to secure additional customers over the winter months.

Hotel Rooms

You may also be able to save on hotel rooms for yourself and your guests. Some hotels enjoy their busiest seasons during warm weather, which means rooms go for a discounted rate in off-peak months. If you’ve got a block of out-of-town guests flying in, or you and your fiance are planning on staying in a hotel before or after the wedding, it’s worth checking into.


Florists generally won’t give winter discounts the way other wedding vendors do because they get their business from a number of events and holidays (such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and ongoing events like get-well bouquets) and don’t feel the pinch as much. That said, you can still snag some savings by opting for flowers that are in-season in your area rather than paying to have flowers shipped in from other areas or grown in a hothouse. Rather than opting for classic holiday flowers like poinsettias (which will be in high demand), choose instead to go for flowers that will be blooming in winter, like red roses, chrysanthemums and carnations.


Many churches and venues are already decorated for the holidays, which means that’s less you have to pay for yourself. When you do need to add your own, there are plenty of inexpensive holiday decorations available at craft stores, dollar stores and discount outlets.


You can even use some of your own holiday decorations like wreaths, lights and candles, which adds a special personal touch.