What type of entertainment should you feature at your wedding? On the surface, this sounds like a question with a straightforward answer: Obviously you’ll hire either a musical band or a DJ (or both) to perform at your wedding.


You might want a live band to play during your procession down the aisle and perform during dinner, while a DJ spins tunes late at night. Or you might decide to hire a live band for the entire event. Or perhaps you’ll exclusively use a DJ. The choice is yours.

It almost seems like the only decision you need to make is “What genre?” Country, pop, bluegrass, jazz, Top 40, or something else?

But musical bands and DJs aren’t the only types of entertainment that you can feature at your wedding. Here are a few other options, as well.


#1: Caricaturists

Want to entertain your guests (or their children) and simultaneously give them a great gift? Hire a caricature artist who can draw your guests’ face, and give them the drawing to take home as a keepsake. You’ll have great memorabilia from your wedding — and because this is so unique, your guests will never forget the experience. (They’ll talk about it for years to come).


#2: Stilt-Walkers

Look up! Entertain the crowd (especially in the early afternoon before the ceremony, or perhaps just after the vows while everyone is enjoying their first glass of champagne) by hiring stilt-walkers who can parade through the crowd, entertaining both children and adults. As a bonus, many stilt-walkers can also juggle, tell jokes and generally brighten the crowd’s mood with their lively personality.



#3: Comedians

Why just have a band perform, when you can book a comedian to entertain the crowd? Sure, it’s unorthodox — but that’s the fun. Surprise your guests by hiring a comedian who’ll deliver some one-liners to an attentive audience.

Could you introduce him as your long-lost cousin Larry? Or would you tell the crowd that he’s a professional comedian who’s here to create a few laughs? Chat with Blue Sky Atlanta Music and Entertainment, who can connect you with a comedian and help you plan precisely how to fit this entertainer into your evening.



#4: Dueling Piano Players

Instead of hiring a musical band, why not hire a duo of “dueling piano players” — two musicians, each on the piano, who sit across from one another and wage a hysterical faux-war against the other one? Your guests will roar with laughter and become engaged with the act, while simultaneously enjoying the music. And dueling wedding pianists are certainly more memorable than a traditional band.


#5: Steel Drum Band

Why hire a “traditional” band when you can book a talented and memorable act such as a steel drum band? If you’re not familiar with this concept, a steel drum band is a musical band that plays “steelpans,” an instrument that originated in Trinidad and Tobago. Their sound is percussion-based, rhythmic and can quickly inspire a crowd to jump to its feet and dance.