Are you a bride who’s looking for some fun ideas for her Atlanta wedding? Here are some fun wedding ideas!

Weddings are wonderful occasions meant to celebrate the joining of two lives into one, but this does not mean they have to be a stiff, formal affair. The best weddings are fun ones that are remembered not only by the bride and groom, but also by their guests for years to come. Use some of these ideas to hire the right Atlanta wedding entertainment and elevate your wedding into an event where everyone has fun.

1. Think Out of the Box – There is no right or wrong way to hold a wedding. Traditional brides opt for standard entertainers such as classical quartet, but there are many more musical options out there. A bride or groom who comes from a Scottish or Irish heritage can combine tradition with fun by walking down the aisle escorted by a bagpipe player. An accordion player can be hired to play a special dance at the reception. Explore all of the different musical options before committing yourself to a single band.

2. Themed Weddings are Fun Weddings – Theme weddings set the standard when it comes to originality, and in the world of weddings, originality means fun. You do not need to set a complicated theme to have fun either, so even just a wedding based around the color red would do. A country wedding, for example, can hire a country band to play at the venue held in the countryside. A fairytale wedding can hire a magician to give a show at the rehearsal dinner or use a harpist to play music while the bride walks down the aisle. A casino wedding can turn the reception venue into a fun-filled casino for one night.

3. Plan For Events at the Reception – The reception is the part everyone remembers about the wedding, so the last thing any bride or groom wants is all of their guests just sitting at their tables. Plan events to get everyone involved. If you know some of your guests are bringing their children along, hire a magician or a caricaturist to work during the reception party. If you don’t like to dance, and you know some of your guests don’t either, then find alternative ideas to keep them busy. A few poker tables, for example, can give restless guests something fun to do.

4. Music is a Must – Remember that music is the life of the party and keep this in mind when hiring wedding entertainers. Brides often settle for either a live band or a DJ, but these do not have to be your only options. Why stop at hiring only one pianist when you could hire two and have dueling pianos perform? Likewise, there is no hard and fast rule that says a wedding can only use one type of music. Hire a classical ensemble to play during the ceremony and then use a modern band at the reception.

5. Keep With the Seasons – Brides go through a good bit of trouble to pick the perfect date for a wedding. There is a reason each couple selects a certain date, and the fun weddings incorporate this into the event itself. Hiring Christmas carolers or a harpist at an early winter wedding is a wonderful way to celebrate this special time of year.

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